Octopus Jewelry: Hot or Not?

November 17, 2010
On the occasion of the new dress of Stylebizarre (did you notice? Eheh!) a whole post devoted to octopus! I really like this odd animal, the way it moves is hypnotic, and its tentacles are one of the wonders of the world… Take a look at these jewels made of real octopus and silver. Yes, I know, they’re definitely not politically correct, especially for veg people, but their so magical that I forget they’re actually the same thing as a fur, or a real leather garment! 
It breaks my heart but I can’t stop looking at these.
Click on the ring to buy on Etsy “Octopus Me” shop!
In occasione della nuove veste di Stylebizarre (avevate notato? Ahah!) ecco un intero post dedicato ai polpi! Amo questo animale, il modo in cui si muove è ipnotico, e i suoi tentacoli sono una meraviglia della natura… Date un’occhiata a questi gioielli fatti di veri tentacoli ricoperti d’argento. Fantastico.
Si, lo so, non sono affatto politically correct, soprattutto per i vegetariani… ma questi oggetti sono così magici che dimentico che sono comparabili a una vera pelliccia o a un indumento di pelle!
Mi si spezza il cuore ma non riesco a distogliere lo sguardo!

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Yeyyyy I love the new look! Like always, I loved the other one to! So for the jewelry, they ayer stunning, but I feel bad for them, not like I am a veggn but just because maybe their soul is always in there!And they will take vengeance will you re sleeping hahaha I don't know, it's like fur , I could feel like is her own, an integral part of the animal :(, not like leather that is treated so much that is almost nothing of them.
But still genious pieces! Love it!


Yes I know, I guess for leather you don't think about it too much because it's a cow, you usually eat cows, for fur animals it isn't like this… you kill them to use their skin as a coat! And for poor octopus… mmmmh what can I say, you eat them, you can wear them! Aahha! No really I don0t know if I could wear these without feeling guilty! Especially the baby ones! It's the word "baby" that is totally wrong, they should not use it! Btw I don't think that leather things are made out of cows we eat! So it's all the same… all here to serve human race! Eeeww, bitter and sad…

Laura Connell

What a cool idea! I am surprise no one ever thought of this before as the octopus tentacles do seem to lend itself to this kind of beauty. "Hypnotic" as you say is an apt description. Like the French say: Jolie Laide

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