New Year’s Eve Party – Last minute rescue looks

December 10, 2010

PANIC! Last day of the year has arrived, and we have a party in a few hours, OH MY GOD, what are we going to wear for our New Year’s Party?
Of course I haven’t decided myself yet, so I’m writing this post to help myself organizing my mind too. Let’s start from a tenet: we have to play on trends, obviously, and we won’t go wrong!
But, be careful, we won’t wear red and sequins like everyone else, we’re bizarre!


  • PULL OUT OF YOUR CLOSET ALL OF YOUR DRESSES.  This is the first step to start with, of course a new year’s eve party without a dress wouldn’t be a party! Spread them on the bed. Choose some of them, the shortest, the one with more lace, avoid pastels. It doesn’t mind if you’re gonna freeze in those dresses, we’ll fix this later.
  • KEEP AT LEAST 2-3 DRESSES TO CHOOSE FROM. Now that you have more choices, look for accessories. Pull out everything you have with feathers, sheer, pearls, and faux fur. I wouldn’t go with sequins or glitters, they’re SO 2010.
  • NOW GO FOR THE SHOES. Bring in some of your favorite shoes. Even if we should be trendy cause it’s New Year’s Eve, I wouldn’t go with wedges. New year’s eve party is something “classy” for me, so I would go with stiletto, decolleté or nice ankle boots.
  • IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING WARM. You’ll obviously have a coat to go from your house to the car and from the car to wherever you’re going to, but you don’t want to keep it on the whole night! So pull out every big scarf and shaul you can find in your wardrobe! The more see-through, sheer or tricot they are, the better! Otherwise, you can go with a faux fur cache-coeur or bolero! I don’t quite like the look of blazers on a party like this, but if you own some kind of cropped ones, they might do the trick.
  • AT THIS POINT YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT TOGETHER YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT. You have looked at all your matchings, found the favorite items, and the thing that best went with it. Now it’s time to match make-up, nail varnish and perfume (yes, it’s very important!). I’d go with a strong nail polish, something like black, red, magenta, and silver. I’d choose a proper scent, too. I always use Angel by Thierry Mugler, and I think it is strong enough for a party! Make-up needs a paragraph on its own:
  • MAKE-UP. I don’t wanna look like Santa Claus and neither do you I guess, so avoid strong eyeshadow colors like red, gold or light blue. I’d go classy also for the make-up: so yes to red lipstick, black eyeliner, smoky eyes and black kajal!

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Well said Vivian!
by the way, leggings are not pants!

cheers from Willy


Ahaha sure they're not dear Anonymus, that's why I matched them with a top that actually covers your bootie ahah! ;D


Dear Willy XDDD

Laura Connell

The first outfit takes my vote. With that furry cape and platform stilletos, how can you go wrong? Cozy and sexy all at once. Happy New Year, Vivian!


Happy new year to you, too darling! I'm very happy you come here very often! :*

Mariana L

Great tips! Especially those of us who procrastinate! 🙂


Ahahaha procrastination is a huge problem I have, I planned a "how to defeat procrastination" post for all people like me!
Thanks anyway, I didn't follow any of these, I wore a blazer on my dress yesterday, and fishnet without nothing underneath! ;D

Amy from Forever Curiouser

love the second outfit! x


now show us what you wore viv! =D

io sono andata sul classico: capelli foresta [che poi i miei no sono acconciabili in altro modo], vestitino nero aderentissimissimo al ginocchio, tacchi esagerati e borsetta lucida con stelle in argento sopra.
eyeliner nero sottile, base argentea chiarissima, labbra rosse.

banale ma sempre di massimo effetto =]


E che me lo dici a fare, little black dress + rossetto rosso vince sempre!
Tacchi esagerati che significa ahah che hai combinato?
Eh of course ve lo showwo però se mi mandano le foto sarei anche più contenta! Mi arriverrano in tempo per capodanno prossimo temo! XD

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