7 Steps to an Effortless Closet Restyle

December 14, 2010

Does the excitement of the new year  makes you desire a complete restyling of your wardrobe? Does your money do not allow you that? I’m trying to give you (oh well, us, since I’m dealing with same problems) some tricks & tips to do this.

  • In this post I’m giving you some refashion tips as well as a “budget” guide to refresh your style.

The best moment to think about  a complete refashion of your wardrobe is obviously within sales! The refashion won’t take a few days, unless you have so much money to throw everything away and go shopping for a week ! Anyway,  a few tips I came up with thanks to this experience… and remember, limits create creativity! Remember to check my previous tips about this subject!

On to re-organizing and re-fashioning of your wardrobe!

  • The first thing you have to do is organize and catalog all the things you own, deciding what to keep and what to give away.  Is there something in your closet that you’d like to keep? Then keep it and give it a new born with new matching and styling!
  • Do not throw away the things you don’t like anymore. Sell them! You could organize a little market on your blog or a giveaway of a thing you never wore but that someone could find useful! There are several places put their that will gladly accept clothing donations and will also provide you with a receipt for tax purposes; after all, free taxes are good for anybody, right?

Now it’s time to go shopping!

  • Decide a price limit and stay under it: the risk to spend everything in the first moments is high.
  • Decide how many garment of each kind you want to buy and you need: maybe some polyvore set will help in this case; think about the remix pledge: how many clothes do you really need?

Another couple of tips about supplies…

  • Do you have fabrics stocked in your house? I have tons of it: manage to find tutorials, diy guides, patterns and easyway to use the material you already have, and try hard to use all of it! This will bring money in your pockets and an increase of your self esteem as well: hey, you did sew a skirt all by yourself! ;D Some suggestions:•     Threadbanger •    Punk Rock Domestics •    Mooky Chick •    Craftster
  • These are my last suggestions: try to have clear in mind the style you want to reach, the risk of failure is high and you could find yourself stuck with things you won’t wear! 

Lurking around the blogosphere I found out that some bloggers had a lot to say about this topic: – “A pair and a spare” wardrobe rehab series:  she really said all that has to be said about the topic! -Nice tips, too: Minimalist Closet by “Clothed Much”.

These are a few examples of what i did lately, the cost for these was ridiculous:

  • I used an old worn out H&M sweater to sew a beanie hat. It’s so cozy and exactly the shape I was looking for, at zero cost!
  • I refashioned an old clutch making it super glamour: price: 10€ of feathers, and i still have tons of them to do whatever i want to!

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Laura Connell

Great tips and I remember your DIY feather handbag clutch. It was sensational! Closet edits are a wonderful way to kickstart your wardrobe. (and earn some extra cash by selling old clothes)

Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

I don't! D: I wish I did!

Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

I think the b/w are from listen flavor!

Vinda Sonata

amazing tips. i love the idea of exchange and restyling. you have an interesting blog!


Really great tips! & budget friendly

I would also recommend thrifting! visit your local thrift shop or one of those giant department-store like thrift shops, you'll find at least a couple of things to buy!




thank you for sharing this! 🙂
I wish there were any good flea markets in slovenia. maybe i shoul do a little trip to italy? 🙂


Ahaha well Masha you could easily do it, you're so near! But I can't believe there aren't any in Slovenia, you should look for them better! I'm sure there are some!


yes, there is something but so far I haven't find anything useful. once I bought a couple of clothes from one lady but I didn' realize soon enough that they smelled really badly. so when I washed them, everything smelled! I had to throw them away. 😀
I would like some day to visit a great flee market where I could really find something for me. our country is too small I guess … I don't know why it is like that. thank god for internet and online stores. 😀
is there anything good in trieste or treviso? wow,I haven't been there for ages! we would go every year when I was younger. I guess the "recession" hit us too hard for trips like that. I love about your blog that it is budget friendly. limits really do create creativity! I think i would not realize that if I hadn't financial problems. it was a valuble lesson. 🙂 keep up the good work!


Mmhh I don't know if there are any in Trieste or Treviso, I've never been there actually! I live some km more south of these towns ahah! Something like 900 km actually XD
But I have some friends living in Treviso because they're working at United Colors of Benetton and the factories are all over there! It's a small town though, I could ask them if there are things like clothing markets!
Anyway, I'm in a big recession right now, my salary is outstanding of a month and I'm also in debt with my sister ahahah -_- Very very bad. I feel like having my hands tied!! 🙁 So no sale shopping for me this year, I'll have to wait a couple of months to go shopping happy and free ahah!

Martin Roy

Why is http://www.thefleamarkets.com not listed under #3?

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