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April 17, 2012

…when we all want to change our hair! Isn’t it true? The cold is slowly going away, the sun is shining longer and longer, you make long walks in the park…

How do you feel about your hair?

I’m always looking for a way to change it anyway, but at this time of the year things get even worst! Shall I tie them or leave them loose? Shall I change colour or leave them in my natural shade? Shall I shave my sides again or leave them grow?

By the way, I’m crap at styling my hair, what I even say “styling”… I’m crap even at brushing them! I don’t even know how to make my fringe stay in place, how to keep my shaved sides actually shaved and so on. So I have been looking around for suggestion and I’m sharing them with you here and now!!

Just click on the pictures for more photos, tutorials and infos about the various styles!

The bun

I really love the bun, especially the messy bun! It suits every style and every colour, from natural blonde to green dip dyed hair! It’s that “just out of the bed” look that makes you look sweeter, and at the same time not too girly because messy bun=doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror. How wrong is that is something that only us know… shhh!


A nice way to keep your hair in place, and have nice waves afterwards! Braids on your fringe, braids at the sides of your neck, one big braid and so on.

Dip dying and ombre hair

This is something that we have seen a bit too much, but it’s a nice way to give your hair a twist and go straight into summer with energy  and ready to have fun!

Hey, I must tell someone… I used to have dip dyed hair when dip dying hair definition didn’t even exist! But my dip dying reason was merely: “i don’t feel like dying my whole hair because I don’t want to re-touch my roots every 20 days, so let’s just dye my tips!”. Guess it turned out to be a good solution.

The shave

This has always looked like a good solution for me, and it has always worked well! I have both sides shaved and that means less hair to dry, less time spent brushing it, less volume and less hair (I have a LOT of hair!) and a tidier look when you tie them up in a pony tail. Plus, I’ve been sporting shaved parts of my head for 6 years now, and I don’t even want to think about the hassle of re-growth!

Pros: you can bleach and dye it as many times as you want, it will never get ruined because you are always shaving and re-growing it!

Cons: it grows really quick so it’s baiscally a waste of time trying to dye it every time!

Tools of the trade

Some things can’t be missing in a girl beauty case when it comes to hair!

First of all you need a good conditioner for when your hair go wild. I never use it, but I should sometimes. Then you’ll need hairspray. Hairspray for life! It helps you keep your hairstyle tidy and long-lasting! Even if it’s simply to keep your fringe in its place. One of the best hair straighteners: a must, to straighten your hair, to curl it, to keep your fringe in shape, to give a couple of strokes and make your hair look tidier. A brush to take always with you in your bag: you never know how windy it will be, or if you’re going to come back home tonight or not!

Fuck noes and Fuck yeahs

My version of “Dos and donts”: browsing a lot of picture I came across some awesome Do’s of hair originality and some awful Dont’s of hair mess-ups! Do you agree with me?

Love the bleached+mohawk look! | Yes to dramatic shaving if you have the right face! | The petrol green it’s perhaps the hardest colour to get on your hair but look at the results: amazing! | Braids, braids, braids: tutorials! | White hair + fringe: the ultimate combo! 1+ for the pin-up styling.

Red + shave + mohawk + wtf rainbow heart? Fuck no. | Super short bangs: only Rooney Mara looks good in it! | Pointy fringe: come on, goths are more avant garde now! | Crudelia Demon black+white hair dye: no, because you’re not Crudelia Demon. | Dreads: not acceptable anymore. Please!

What do you think about all these hair styles? Are you going to rock your hair this spring? What’s your favourite style?


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Is (almost) always that time of the year, for me <3

Laura Bee

Yes! I really want to change my hair right now for some reason.. (how did you know?!) I’m going to dye it!
That braid is pretty cool I think.

For Those About To Shop

Just read another post by a brunette who went blonde for the spring. I’m quite bored with my dark brown and might start lightening it up.


I was right on board with you until you got snarky and rude at the end. Not cool.


    Did I? If you mean the comments about my “Dont’s” I don’t mean to insult anyone! It’s just that I don’t like point-shaped fringes and messy dreads, I think they’re really overrated! That’s all! I meant no offence! Peace ^_^v

      not you

      You can’t say one unique style is cool and other individual styles aren’t. It’s a post about hairstyles not a gossip column. Honestly your true colors shined right through. anyone that continues to follow your blog after being so hurtful to those that express themselves is just as judgmental and materialistic as you. How would you feel seeing your picture being a Don’t on a blog. Did it even cross your mind?


        Absolutely, you’re right. This post is from 2012 and I think I have never written anything like this in a long while! Anyway, a don’t is just a don’t for me, it’s a matter of taste. I don’t even mind dreads or super short bangs anymore, I actually like them! Anyway, I would definitely put some of my old hairstyles in a “don’t” list 😛 And I have definitely gone through much worse than being in a don’t list, so really, that wouldn’t be SO hurtful. This post will probably disappear soon enough tho, because it has some non-credited photos in it and I have another policy now. I credit where credit it’s due and I usually only use royalty free or creative commons images. Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry if it offended you!

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