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Can You Wear Yellow Without Looking Nuts?

May 23, 2011

I must admit it: I’m hooked on yellow. It’s been a couple of years, everything started from wanting my room yellow. I’ve never had it, and the yellow disease grew up until now, the moment where I consider yellow a suitable colour for clothes. Besides, this colour is a big trend in 2012 fashion style, […]

Get the style of Effy Stonem

In this last week there has been a lot of fuss about Skins USA, which obviously cannot compare to the original UK version. Did you like Skins UK? If yes, you sure know this actress, Kaya Scodelario, in the show she’s Effy Stonem. I personally loved her character, how costume designers and director portrayed her, […]

Stand Out with the Statement Look

April 23, 2011

There were periods in time when it actually made sense to dress strange or carry huge tattoos to yell to the world who you were. I kind of feel that those times have come to an end. Nowadays everyone is a walking statement, and when you look at a girl who has a strong image, […]

Beware of the Symbols You Wear

March 20, 2011

Are you paying attention to the symbols in your wardrobe?  I  remember my “cyber-goth” days, when I used to wear symbols like nuclear and biohazard without a reason, and absolute no awareness of their meaning. It came to my mind only lately: I’m totally against nuclear, and watching this symbol made me think about how […]

Cunene: Dreamlike Photography

January 22, 2011

Looking at Cunene‘s works is like stepping right into her fairylike world, sparkling with retro accessories and starry-eyed models. What striked me most about her is that she covers all sides of her work: she is a photographer, a make-up artist, a post-producer and a designer. And she excels in all of these skills. But […]

Top Ten Alternative Fashion Blogs

January 3, 2011

We are currently updating this post, because many of these blogs are sadly dead! This post was written in 2011, so bear with us while we update this! (December 2014) Are you looking for a comprehensive list of the best alternative fashion blogs out there? I’m listing my favourite ones, and of course the ones […]