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By UY – Unisex Futuristic Brand

August 3, 2014

We know that UY is ran by a duo: who’s behind the brand?  Idan, 26 from Tel Aviv Israel, and Fanny 24 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. We are the co founders, we are everything; Art directors, Photographers, Designers. We are the backbone of the brand and we do nearly everything by ourselves. Do you think that the […]

Top 5 Emerging Fashion Illustrators

March 31, 2014

Fashion illustrations might easily be the best thing about fashion whatsoever. Ok, this might be my opinion, but how else could you create such a wonderful, colourful and magical world? If you’re Tim Walker you may have the means to make that magical world “real”, but it usually doesn’t happen. In fashion illustration it happens […]

Top 5 Dark Fashion Blogs

When I say dark, I mean gothic. I will not list pastel goths, grunge goths or sons and daughters of the union between Satan and a unicorn. This top 5 list is completely devoted to goths, i.e. people that were goth before dark became a trend some years ago! This is not meant to discriminate […]

Get the Style of Eva Green

February 17, 2014

Eva Green is one of the charmiest, darkest and beautiful women among alive actresses. I seriously love her. The first time I have ever seen her was in The Dreamers, her first quote in the movie is still stuck in my head: “S’il te plait? Prendez ça. Elle est collée a mes lévres”. Another role […]

Get the Style of Omahyra Mota

January 20, 2014

Or die trying. Omahyra must be one of the coolest alternative models I’ve ever seen; I think she’s the best at pulling off weird outfits, crazy haircuts and creepy make up without looking ridiculous ever, and always be charming as f$%k. Excuse my French. I had this epiphany yesterday where I stumbled across a photo […]