Time For a Makeup Bag Revamp

October 14, 2011

Have you ever felt like restyling yourself when Fall comes? This season has always caught me striving to pick up the pieces of my summer style, which usually goes wasted around August.
That’s true especially for make-up: I barely put on anything on my face when the heat strikes, and I find myself in October, with my skin getting paler and paler, barely remembering how to draw a line on my eye.

And that’s when my make-up bag restyling comes.

I need a new foundation, a new powder, and new colors to match this season!

I’m keen on alternative brands (I rarely go for the bigger ones, I’ve just got a Dior powder but that goes only when I’m paler than my blog’s background) I usually shop at Benefits, Urban Decay and E.l.f. .
I get powders from Benefits, mascaras from Urban decay, and particular items from E.l.f..

So, I’m looking for alternatives in colors and perhaps mineral make-up:  right now I own some mineral eyeshadows, and a Zoeva
eyeshadows palette, but as usual, I’ve just ran out of my favorite colors, which happen to be the most Fall-ish ones (black, brown, beige, mustard and white).
Would you go for mineral makeup (more natural, healthy and skin caring) or studio makeup (faster, comfortable and small packages with all that you need on the inside, even the mirror) ?

Again, I chose to go for both, as I usually do in my everyday make-up routine.
I will go for some minerals foundation and a studio palette with both eyeshadows and lipsticks, and I’ll buy the color I use more as mineral eyeshadows, so I’m not going to finish them soon.

This stuff can’t be missing in my Fall make-up bag!

A studio essentials palette with eyeshadows, ombres, and lip glosses – A brush set – A nice mineral set with foundation+concealer+blush (you can choose between three color sets, Fair/Light/Warm!)


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Danielle Bianca

These are some really interesting tips. I have wondered about a lot of these different make up styles and they are beautiful, and really bring out the edgy a sexy flair.

Lea Forbes

Great choice of make up, there is really no way to be 100% sure when you are by yourself looking at a mirror, but these choices are splendid. I really enjoy how you make it simple to look just fantastic. Thanks.

Brendan Mech

This is the best styling I have seen ever… and this is coming from a man hahaha. Great job here, beautiful work and pictures, really great models.

erin F.

During fall I take some chances with my make-up and try use more fall colors, deep reds, orange and browns.

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