5 Places You Need to Be If You’re a Blogger

August 17, 2011

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a blogger? I’ll tell you: it’s a job. And no, you can’t work from your bed only, this is a big fat lie my friend. Being a blogger is all about going out, dressing up, being yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, knowing how to sell your abilities, visit places, making acquaintance with new people, discovering things.
Read carefully now: even stepping out on your balcony will help you with your writing.

  • Your house can be a dark pit.
  • Your bed and sofa are so tempting, so soft and appealing.
  • Your phone is always about to ring.
  • Your TV remote is just two steps away.

Would you have these distractions from a park’s bench or a table in a café? Of course not.
The worst thing that could happen to you in this cases is being distracted by someone who catches your eye, by a noise, or worse than the worst, you could get to know someone new. I bet you’re wondering “what’s wrong about it?”. Exactly. There’s nothing wrong about it. There’s all to gain and nothing to lose.

Going out can only bring you inspiration, and that’s the one and only thing that you need in your job! So what you’re waiting for? Escape the nest right now (yes I’m quoting The Editors. Hell I love ’em!)


This is the first thing that comes to my mind, even if it has many cons against it.
The pros are fresh air, sun, dogs barking and birds tweeting (ops! I meant “chirping”), but…
There’s no power for your notebook, there’s probably no wireless (well this could be ok because you can’t check your blog stats while writing and focusing on your new post) and you have to wear sunglasses to actually see something on your screen. But it feels so good to be out in the open for once!
I’d suggest you choose to “work” in the park when you’re brainstorming ideas. Just bring some paper and pens. Maybe you need to read that book about social medias. Get a blanket and go read that book at the park!


As we speak another café is opening somewhere in your neighbourhood. I’m sure it is. And it’s probably not a regular café, but it has something like a mini-library, board games, candles, sofas, whatever! Today cafés are a place to do whatever the heck you want.
You can stay the whole afternoon, drink a couple of teas and do your own thing. Reading, blogging, drawing, napping, anything is allowed! In my country, they’re called “Literary Café”, and they’re much better than Starbucks! Or maybe Starbucks could be a cheap option, too!
Pros are that you can sit at a comfy table or a sofa and you can eat delicious cake and sip a warm drink while you work! Guess what? No TV remote around, and you can also leave your phone at home (that would be huge for me. Can you leave your phone at home? :P)!

Department store

Most of them now have wireless internet access and places to sit and rest (and plenty of cafés of course!) Don’t go on the weekend of course, you couldn’t focus in that chaos. But it could be a good idea on a Tuesday morning when you feel like going out.
Who knows, watching the windows at the mall could help you coming out with a post about trends. Watching people is also a big inspiration for me. Malls are the offices of the future!

Friend’s house

This is one of my favourites! I especially love student’s houses, where there’s always a lot of people chatting, listening to music and laughing.
Of course, I wouldn’t write a literary essay there, but it’s good to edit photos, doing some research and having some inspiration!
All while in good company.


Well, you can’t really sit down and write a blog post from a vintage market, a catwalk or a shop opening, but you sure can write down ideas on your smartphone and take pictures.
These things will be very useful when you’ll want to talk about the event on your blog: trust me, without any material you’re likely to forget the details!

Did we give you some cool ideas for your next blogging session? What’s your favourite place to blog from? Let us know in a comment below.

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can you use power for your laptop in the Literary Cafés? I’m not sure we have any but i guess i could find sth similar. 🙂


Of course you can, you just have to find a table near a wall outlet haha! If you ask, they usually will content you ;D


Great tips, Vivian!
Love the idea OF Literary Café.

Joy xx


Great post! Blogging is actually a work and I love blogging from park (during the summer) and from a café (during the winter) and sometimes on my house sofa, with my boyfriend on my side watching tv 🙂


Thaaaanks! I didn’t mention one place though: libraries! I think it could be a great choice, you have tons of books to get inspiration from, plenty of tables to sit at and of course a wireless connection! Sweet!

Avery @ Totally Trendy

My issue is always the wall outlet. That is why I stalked, and then claimed as my own the best seat in my local library as my fave blog spot. The books and magazines provide inspiration, and some of the most interesting characters wander in.

For Those About To Shop

Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this. Good thing I am going out tonight and I will take lots of pictures!

Vogue & Vintage

Ok just found your site from IFB and im in love! I love this post! Come and check out my blog and follow me back!

Vogue & Vintage


~ * ♥ * ~

This is great post ~ awesome ideas! I think I could really catch onto the idea of blogging some where other than at my desk… It would be fun! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try this out. 😀

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~


My favorite place is my office. I love looking outside as my cat purrs next to me. I don’t know why I always get inspired there, but after a long day at my work office, it’s nice to come home to my own office! But your advice is also very true – I’d never have anything to write about if I never went out in public. People on the street definitely inspire me too.


    Yes Catherine! There’s always a sweet spot in your house where it’ awesome to work from! For me it’s my sofa, and I’m surrounded by cats, too! (I have three kittiiiees!) But working on the streets it’s awesome, too! A lot of interesting ideas will come from people around you!

Laura Hueto Puig

Wow, this is such a great post! To be honest, I usually blog from my sofa/bed, but I also loove blogging from cafés. It’s like my 2nd favourite thing in the world… *-* It really makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw. 😀


Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.

erin F.

I know it’s a cliche but I love writing at the cafe over a mocha.

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