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September 6, 2013

To love your blog is the beginning of a life-long romance. Oh well, Oscar Wilde’s version was slighlty different, but you get the point.

When I think deeply about my life, I always get the impression that everything I do,small_2493066577 I do it for somebody else. When I think about work, I think about when people ask me the question “what do you do” and what I will answer. When I think about boyfriend, marrying, children I often think about how my parents or his parents would feel about it. When I choose what to wear, I always think a bit too much about what other people will think when they see me.
When I think about my blog, it’s a whole different feeling: I’m not particularly proud of telling people “I write a fashion a blog”. I simply enjoy writing it. I write cause I feel the need to write. I always have.

Blogging is an evolution of my life, alright, online life, but it is. It all started with message boards, then it got to msn messenger and its statuses and profile pictures. Then it was Msn Space, then Splinder, Livejournal, Myspace, Blogger, and then Facebook and WordPress. (yes, I went through them all!)

I blog because I love it and I hope that someday it will be something more than a hobby, or a side project. I enjoy the process: sitting at my laptop, crossing my legs and researching, writing, choosing the right pictures, being pleased with the result.

  • Blogging gives me strength because I’m being appreciated for the things I love doing.
  • Blogging pushes me experimenting with my style.


But be careful: blogging can also ignite a weird process. For me it’s my blog name: since it is called “styleBizarre” I always feel like I’m not honouring that name enough. That I should have crazy hair, or dressing like Lady Gaga or something. Then I think about the reason why I gave this name to my blog, and I things get into perspective again.

For those of you who have a blog, how do you feel about your blog impacting on your offline life? Do you think it is helping you or making things worse? And for who doesn’t have one, have you ever thought about writing one? If yes, why haven’t you started already?

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Hey, it's Elisa, founder of styleonvega.com. I'm a social media specialist by day and blogger by night (honing my multitasking skills since 2006 ;). I'm an atypical Italian, freedom lifestyle advocate and modern spirituality enthusiast. Feel like we could get along? Join me just above this box or get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks off from posting, due to ill health. My blog has such an impact on my life, that friends and blogger buddies have been checking to see if all is well. I never expected I would meet such kind and caring people through blogging. It’s one of the wonderful surprises of writing a blog 🙂 xo


This month marks my fourth year since I started blogging and I can tell you that it’s helped me tremendously! At first it got me back to my love of writing which I lost trying to pursue things other people told me I should. I’ve met great people, made good business connections, and learned so much. Now it’s the springboard for my freelance writing career that I devoted to full time this year. When you blog for the long haul, stay true to yourself and what you love, nothing but good things can come from it!


Yes you are both right! Blogging is amazing for so many things! You can meet some amazing people, you can practice for your writing career, you can get connections and you can do all that while having lots of fun! What could we ask more? <2 Viva le blogging! ;D

Violetta Stelenes

What can I say, Elisa, based on what you wrote I think you blog for all the right reasons. The more I learn and meditate about it, the clearer it seems that the most important thing is to enjoy the creative process, instead of just fixing one’s eyes on the final result and the achievements that one expect to get from it.

For me, blogging is also a way to put my writing to practice, to organize, connect and expand all those ideas in my head, as well as enriching them with some very enjoyable research. On top of that, I have gotten to know some really incredible, inspiring people -like you!- through my blog, so it’s definitely a win-all-around situation!

I think many big bloggers get lost in the monetary aspect of it, and forget about the fun and the spontaneous creative edge, and that starts to affect their blogs and make them unauthentic and unappealing.

Long life to blogging for the love of doing it!


Oh this is such a good topic! To me my blog sometimes is like a mirror, especially when it comes to selfesteem. It helps me to grow, it helps me to find my voice and my different points of view, it helps me to find out more about myself, what I want, who I am, who I could be – and of cause it’s fun, it is an amzing journey 🙂


I forgot to say that blogging has helped me out a lot with my English. It is far from being perfect, but when I read past articles I’m always tweaking them here and there because I see so many mistakes! Mistakes I wouldn’t have noticed a year ago. So once again, thank you dear blog!

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