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How Nail Polish is Harming You and the Planet

February 17, 2016

I’ve been very much into sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles lately, and I’ve noticed how I’ve never even thought about some things, especially not  about natural nail polish. Think about it: we worry about plastic packages, microbeads, plastic bags, ingredients tested on animals and so on. But we’ve had one of the most polluting beauty products under […]

Why You Should Use Cruelty Free Products

October 21, 2015

Animal cruelty is one of the most unfortunate and barbaric demonstrations of human beings manipulating ill convinced notions of “power” over other species. – Ian Somerhalder Everyone wants to look good, right? Everyone wants to have great skin, great hair, great nails and great teeth. But do you ever think about where these products have […]

BareFaced Beauty Cosmetics Lipsticks

June 29, 2015

For all you beautiful women out there who can’t go a day without applying your favourite lipstick, this post is definitely for you! The saying usually goes ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’, but personally, I believe lipstick is. I don’t feel ready without it! I’m really into my makeup and I love experimenting with […]

Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics

June 12, 2015

  Red lipstick? Certainly classy but rather ordinary. What about green lips? or grey? or blue? When you dig into edgy styles there are no limits to your fantasy, but sometimes it is difficult to make dreams come true. That’s where Melt Cosmetics comes into play: this bold cruelty-free makeup brand is bound to fulfill your most unconventional makeup fantasies. Born […]

Cruelty-Free Luscious Shower Products

June 3, 2015

Due to having sensitive skin, I’m always very cautious when it comes to purchasing new products, the last thing I want is to suffer from a rash or have a reaction from my skin not agreeing with the product. If you suffer from any skin condition, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you […]

5 Steps to Spring Skin

March 23, 2015

Extra Winter layers make it easy to neglect your skin care regime. Let’s be honest, personal grooming in Winter is almost non-existent so moisturising probably isn’t high on the priority list. Why would it be when the rain is pounding the footpath and you have the option of shaving your overgrown legs or pushing the snooze button […]

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

October 21, 2013

Halloween ain’t Halloween without a good gory make-up! Everyone knows that, so you’d better stock up on fake blood while there’s still time. Of course, it depends on what kind of costume you are going to choose, but believe me: even if you don’t wear a costume, a blood dripping face should do the trick. […]

Mermaid Hair Inspiration Galore

May 2, 2013

If you still haven’t tried out dyeing your hair a crazy colour, you’re missing out darling! A couple of years ago you could use an excuse like it was “not safe for work”, or that people would glance at you on the street, or that it’s toxic for your hair. Nowadays you can throw all […]

Stretched Ears: Do or Don’t?

October 28, 2012

Here comes the moment to talk about body modification: where there’s alternative fashion there are plug piercings, tattoos and dyed hair. Everybody knows that! My least favourite topic and body modification is exactly the one I am going to talk about: stretched ears. Yes or no? Why: a Bit of History Stretched ears, exactly as […]