5 Ideas to Create your Vision Board

January 31, 2014

What is a vision board? It is the most amazing thing you could ever hang on your wall. I guess you already know what it is though: it is all over the web and Pinterest is bursting of vision boards. Actually, Pinterest could be seen as a huge vision board of millions of people.

Vision Board Ideas

A vision board is basically a collage of things you desire, dreams of yours, things that make you happy, inspiring images. It’s a board that sets your goals, that helps you get up in the morning and that gives you the thrills when you look at it. It’s what I look at when I dance alone in my room. Considering vision board ideas is itself an inspiring and productive and happy moment.


1. Have a mini vision board in your diary. Most useful among vision board ideas! You check your diary/agenda daily, so make those pages you look at every day worth it! I also love the idea of a mini vision board with tiny pretty images! Making it cute and clear it’s also a challenge for your creativity and graphic designer in you. Challenge accepted?

2. Pin your inspiring images on fabric.  That’s how I made my vision board. I pin and take pictures off very easily. I’ve just hung a pink zebra rectangular piece of fabric on my wall, and that’s where all the magic happens.

3. Make your desktop your vision board. It’s as easy as it seems. Make a collage in Photoshop or if you don’t have Photoshop use this awesome online image editor (I use it all the time it’s amazing! Just be careful with shortcuts. Cmd+w/Ctrl+w will close your entire tab and all of your works with it. -_- )


4. Hang reminders in your bathroom. Having reminders always helps: remember studying for your test? Post its with key concepts on them really helped. It’s the same with your vision board: hang reminders in key spots in your house. I think the bathroom and the kitchen are ideal because they’re places where you potentially spend a lot of time. (well, if you are me then the kitchen is not the case XD)

5. Have your scissors always with you. You never know when you will stumble across something you absolutely feel should be in your vision board! So come prepared and keep your scissors in your pocket. Well, maybe keep them in your bag, it’s safer. Or if you’re using the desktop method, take pictures with your phone and add them to the collage!

I am leaving you with thousand of new ides for your vision board on Pinterest: you could spend a year doing all of these! I hope you will have fun creating your vision board!

Have you already created a vision board? Do you like it the vision board ideas I’ve listed? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us your opinion!

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How do you get over feeling like a silly teenage girl, though?


Hi Virginia! What’s wrong with feeling like a silly teenage girl once in a while? 😀 Jokes aside, I think that life planning and design is no business for a teenage girl. It is something very serious. Just doing something like a vision board could help you figuring out some things you had never realized you actually wanted. It is very important to sit down and do something like this sometimes. It equals deciding what lessons to follow to improve your skills, or deciding where to go on holidays, or what sport to practice for your own well-being. Just one vital piece of the puzzle: if one is missing, the rest won’t make any sense!


I have one in my diary, I write down stuff plus keep tiny images in a plastic pocket :D. I used to actually tape images on my old diary but then some of them started to bug me and it looked like a mess when I tried to remove them, so now I will tape them after they have passed the pocket trial time 😀


    Ha I bet this method works well! I like making my boards so I can take off photos as much as I like! At the moment mine is a rectangle of furry fabric hung on a wall, so I can pin and un-pin photos in seconds! I love visual inspiration, I’d have vision boards, inspiration boards, mood boards all over the place! XD

Steffi aka Anti.Muse

I love the idea of vision boards! I have recently made one – it’s at my desktop now and I printed it out to hung it up next to my desk too. I love the idea of having it in my diary too – it’s what I’m gonna do next 😉 I even have a whole wall beside my desk with motivational quotes – each on in a frame, to keep me motivated 🙂 It’s just feels good to have such positive things around 🙂

Violetta Stelenes

I really like the concept of vision boards, but I never get around to actually make one! I think I would need a color printer for that, since I get a great deal of my inspiration from the internet. I also take pics with my phone whenever I encounter something cool in a magazine; however, what I do is having an “Inspiration” folder in my computer’s desktop where I put the images that inspire me the most on a given moment. Works for me!

Kudos on the post, Elisa! And greetings from Berlin 😉

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