Vegan & Sustainable Clothing

Attention! This list is constantly updated and it features only alternative and edgy fashion shops!

Premise: most of the brands listed are completely animal free, but I might list some that only have specific lines (like H&M with his Conscious line). I list everything in the same place because I am interested in both issues: animals and planet. My dream is a cruelty-free brand: no cruelty towards animals, the planet or people.  I can’t be aware of how vegan brands behave regarding pollution or work exploitation though. I’m doing the best I can with this list!

Little intro to my humble opinion: I don’t buy fur, silk, wool or leather in normal shops, but I might purchase one of these things if second hand/used/vintage. Why is it so? Because buying second hand is always a good idea, and it is sustainable. We have a lot of stuff on this planet, so we might as well use it without producing new one.

p.s.: still haven’t bought leather in years because I hate the smell! Let alone fur. 

We can make a shift. We can start making things different together. We can try. If each and everyone of us makes a tiny little change in our habits, it’s a huge thing for the whole world.

And yes, I think we need yet another cruelty-free clothing list, because not all sustainable clothing has to be ugly, green, floral or generally aesthetically unappealing. I’m all in for sustainable alternative avant-garde edgy clothing. Yes, we can do it!



BlowfishOlsenhausCri de Coeur (and bags) – Beyond SkinVegetarian ShoesNoah ShoesMelissa – Tivydale


Matt&Natt FreerangersGloria GerberEnglish RetreadsAngela & Roi


Iron Fist (Certified! Read what they told us about their sustainability: “We are a vegan brand and we have a QC team in China that checks in on all of our factories and makes sure we are only working with fair suppliers-Sweatshop free. We also received a Libby Award “Best Women’s Vegan “ shoe – Sweet Skull O Mine Platform – in recognition of extraordinary efforts to help end the suffering of animals worldwide.  We have at least 2-3 Libby awards under our belt.”

Stella McCartneyDemobazaCharlotte Russe (and accessories) – Offbeat Wear (ravers and cyber-goths check this out!) – Strange VixensVaute Couture – Clare Bare (bamboo and vintage fabrics lingerie)

Online Boutiques

Modavanti (be careful to the Sustainability Badges on the left in each product page: they will inform you about the product!) – Alternative OutfittersCow Jones Industrials  – Gaiam (I’ve seen some things made with wool, so be careful if you are completely animal free!)

If you know any vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free brand, please let us know! If you are one of these brands, we are dying to work with you!

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