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Top 10 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

February 9, 2015

Hello my dear challengers! Kudos to you for coming so far through The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge. If you’re reading this name for the first name, go check the previous posts of the series here. You won’t regret it, I swear! I was eagerly waiting for today’s post. I have been on the look for cruelty-free […]

Top 10 Vegan Fashion Brands

January 26, 2015

Hello and welcome to the 4th post of The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge series. How are you doing today? If you haven’t been following us from the beginning, please check this post. You will find the links to all the posts that have already been published. You will learn which materials are cruel, how you can […]

Be My Sustainable Valentine

January 22, 2015

Can you believe that Valentine’s day is already upon us? That’s why I love holidays: they help me realizing how fast time goes by, and why we should always live every day at its fullest. Sorry, I had to infuse this post with a little bit of spirituality and mindfulness, or it wouldn’t sound like […]

How to Read Clothing Labels

January 19, 2015

Hello hello, welcome to the third post of The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge everyone! I’m very glad you stayed with us until now. We have spent the first two posts of this series to identify the bad guys in our wardrobe. We’ve also seen some alternatives to the main cruelty ridden materials like leather, fur, wool, down […]

Unexpected Cruelty in Your Wardrobe

January 12, 2015

Welcome to the second post of The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge! If you haven’t read the first post, I suggest you go and read about why you should bother about creating a cruelty-free wardrobe. In the previous post we talked about the “obvious” non-vegan materials like leather, fur, silk and shearling. Those materials require the animal […]

The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge

January 4, 2015

Hello everyone! You are now on the table of contents of The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge. The first of the post series will be on-line tomorrow, Monday January the 5th. I will update the list every time a new post of the series goes up.   The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge – Index Check out all the […]

Last Minute Sustainable Christmas Gifts

December 12, 2014

Ho ho ho! You only have 13 days left to Christmas, so you’d better click on that “Buy” button before it’s too late! I know you don’t want to end up running your Christmas errands at the very last minute. Especially if you are totally up for a sustainable Christmas this year. Let’s be clear on […]

Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Ideas

November 30, 2014

Is your girlfriend vegan? Is she always concerned about buying cruelty-free beauty products, or products that have the cute little bunny on the package? Does she avoid leather, fur, silk and wool? You can sigh with relief. You’ve just found what you need. I know that you’re desperate about finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend right […]