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How to Find the Best Vegan Clothing Online

Who else wants to find the best vegan online stores and get sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free clothing? I am literally amazed by the vegan clothing stores that have been born over the last 3-4 years. The world has become a better place for everyone, but let’s admit it: it’s way better for us vegan fashionistas. […]

5 Vegan Fashion Items You Need to Own

February 24, 2016

It has been called the “fashion of the future” and rightfully so. More and more international designers are including vegan materials in their collections. At first, it didn’t really seem possible, because fashion has quite a few fabrics it traditionally depends upon, such as fur, leather, wool, angora and exotic animal skins. However, the “ethical wear” […]

14 Vegan Designer Shoes for Spring

February 10, 2016

The biggest struggle for vegashionistas is finding vegan designer shoes. I mean, the real ones. I don’t see Ferragamo or YSL making vegan shoes in the near future, so if you’re a cruelty-free fashionista you’ll have to look for the perfect pump in some other places. Some high-end shoe designers have tried collaborations with ethical and cruelty-free […]

10 Vegan Winter Boots Under $200

November 16, 2015

  That time of the year has come: you desperately need a new pair of boots but all boots are made of leather, shearling or fur. Eek! What is a compassionate girl to do to keep her feet warm and safe? No worries, you have probably been looking in the wrong places. Most vegan Winter […]

10 Vegan Winter Coats Under $100

October 28, 2015

Finally Winter! We have long waited for you, our foggy friend. Long are gone the drinks on the terrace, welcome hot chocolates under the duvet! How do you like Winter? If I have to be honest, I love many things about every season. Winter is for snuggling up and watching movies, and of course, it’s […]

16 Amazing Vegan Clothing Stores Online

September 17, 2015

Leaves are getting more yellow and rain’s getting more frequent, you know what that means? Soft pants and cozy warm sweaters indeed, and some serious shopping in the best vegan clothing stores. September and October are always crucial months for our wardrobes, as Summer clothes are stuffed into boxes and stored away for the next […]

Top 5 Books on Sustainable Fashion

August 28, 2015

I love alternative and unique fashion, I want to look stylish, but I also want to feel good about it. What makes me feel good? Knowing that whatever I choose to wear doesn’t affect anybody or anything else in a negative way. That’s why I chose to go the conscious way: conscious fashion is the […]