16 Amazing Vegan Clothing Stores Online

September 17, 2015

Leaves are getting more yellow and rain’s getting more frequent, you know what that means? Soft pants and cozy warm sweaters indeed, and some serious shopping in the best vegan clothing stores.

September and October are always crucial months for our wardrobes, as Summer clothes are stuffed into boxes and stored away for the next warm sun.

For us, conscious bold women, cold weather can be a real challenge. Wool, leather, and fur show up on clothing shelves more than usual and we have to spend hours reading labels in search for the perfect synthetic cozy pullover.

Ehr, wait a minute. It’s 2015 and they invented the internet 20 years ago. Yay! There a ton of cool vegan clothing stores online where you can shop without a worry. Thank the Internet for vegan clothing stores and carefree vegan shopping! Ok, I’m getting a little bit carried away now, but you’ll be excited too when you’ll get to the end of this post with all your new vegan clothing stores safely bookmarked for your Fall wardrobe revamp!

Best Vegan Online Clothing Stores

I have listed them by country so you can decide to check only the closest ones. You will save on shipping fees and reduce your carbon footprint by doing so. Win-win!

Vegan Clothing Stores US

Alternative Outfitters

Some of the brands carried by Alternative Outfitters: Matt and Nat, Shiraleah, RockFlowerPaper. Alternative Outfitters is overall very classy and it has a happy kind of style.

Best 16 Vegan Clothing Stores Online - Alternative Outfitters

Grape Cat

Some brands you can find at Grape Cat: Vaute Couture, Matt and Nat, Gunas, Herbivore. All the cool vegan kids hang out at Grape Cat!

Lookie Lou

“Dress Vegan. Dress Ethically. Dress Strikingly. Dress Sustainably. Dress Better.” Well, that’s a handful Lookie Lou! They carry brands like Big Buddha, Hoodlamb, Vaute Couture, Unreal Fur.

Vegan Clothing Stores in Los Angeles


Ok I might be a bit biased here as I think Sica Schmitz, Bead&Reel’s owner, is da bomb.com! She’s a badass ladyboss who decided to pursue her dream and values with her online ethical boutique. She’s also a costume designer, which makes her twice as cool and relatable for me. And of course, she knows how to pick the best clothes for her boutique. Bead&Reel carries clothes and accessories from Angela&Roi, Matt and Nat, Amour Vert, Nae, The People’s Movement and many more.

Best 16 Vegan Clothing Stores Online - Bead&Reel

Vegan Chic

This one only carries shoes and accessories, but the choice is huge! Among the brands Vegan Chic carries are Olsen Haus, Neuaura, Cri de Coeur, Will’s London, Matt and Nat and Gunas.

Vegan Scene

(Edit: the shop will be up and running in October!) Vegan Scene is a great resource for vegan shopping online: it carries some lingerie pieces and Delikate Rayne, which is one of our favourite ethical brands. Other brands you can find on Vegan Scene are Gypsy 05, James Payne, Vaute Couture, Only Hearts, Hipsters for Sisters and of course, Matt and Nat.

Vegan Clothing Stores in NYC

Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes is probably the first go-to place for vegan shoes in the US. They have two shops, one in NYC (their first one) and on in LA. You can also shop on line of course, and this is what you’re gonna find: Keep, Nicora Johns, Olsenhaus, Bhava, Matt and Nat, Good Guys, Truth, Vegetarian Shoes and many more.

Vegan Clothing Stores UK

You’re So Vegan

At the moment they only seem to carry accessories and a very few clothing pieces, but we think You’re So Vegan is very promising. They carry brands like Cri de Coeur, Cornelia Guest, Melie Bianco, Vaute Couture, Brave Gentleman.

Vegetarian Shoes

Probably the most famous cruelty-free shoes store in Europe, all products are vegan despite the name. They sell shoes for every need, from hiking to running to an elegant evening out. They also have some absolutely amazing satchels. I felt like including them in this post even if they mostly sell their own brand because they have such a wide choice it would have been a shame not to.

Vegan Clothing Stores Europe


Avesu is both an online boutique and physical boutique and they only sell shoes and accessories. You can find them in Berlin and Hamburg. They have recently put up an English version of the website, which we are very grateful for. Some brands they sell are: Will’s London, Novacas, Nae, Cosi Cosi, Ahimsa, Beyond Skin.

Best 16 Vegan Clothing Stores Online - Avesu

Roots of Compassion

This is the right place to go if you want to tell the world you’re vegan. They sell all kind of vegan “merchandise”, from t-shirts to canvas tote bags and buttons.

Muso Koroni

I’ve never heard most of the brands they sell, mostly because they source their goods from fair trade, independent, and 100% vegan companies around the world. They also have a physical store in Vienna, Austria.

Vegan Clothing Stores Australia

Love Child

This is probably the most fashion forward vegan clothing store online. Just check it out, it looks like Nasty Gal and Asos vegan child! I love it. And you will too! Love Child carries every cool ethical brand out there: Vaute Couture, Delikate Rayne, Kerol D., Miakoda, Bella M.

Best 16 Vegan Clothing Stores Online - Love Child

Vegan Style

Again, a shoes and accessories kind of boutique, in Au this time. They have an eye for classy and smart designs and they carry brands of the like of Opificio V, Good Guys, Novacas, Beyond Skin, Will’s London, Etikos, Bourgeois Boheme.

Vegan Wares

Shoes, accessories, bags, socks, dog collars, beauty products and much more for the Aussie vegan! Most of the products are their own, but they also carry other brands and a wide variety of products.

Vegan Clothing Stores Canada

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts is not just a boutique: it’s a whole vegan world! They are famous for their monthly subscription boxes which I absolutely love. I have a ton of cool beauty products because of their box, I had to stop my subscription for a few months in order to finish all the products! I don’t use much make up so I don’t want it to go to waste. By the way, they also carry some pretty cool fashion brands like Pura Botanica, Djuna Shay, Compassion Couture, Pixie Mood.

Alright, we’re done for today! Leave a comment below if you have some vegan online boutiques to suggest and make sure you share this post on your social media to spread the vegan goodness around! When people see it can be easy and stylish, they will be more likely to come to our side 😉

Thank you in advance for sharing, have a nice day filled with compassion and sass!

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Best 16 Vegan Clothing Stores Online


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James Lucas

Thank you for the mention of Grape Cat. Right now we are having a sale of 30% off Matt & Nat purses. Plus get free shipping in the U.S. on all orders over $50.


    Awesome James! I’ll make sure to tweet about this 😀 Thanks for leaving a comment!


Nice collection of vegan clothing and thanks to share the clothing and fashion ideas with us. When I visited addresschic, I get to know about the vegan fashion, clothing and the latest trends followed by the celebrities for being vegan.


    Hi “Addresschic” thank you for your comment! So you visit your own website and get ideas you shared in the first place? 😛 Sorry I didn’t get what you meant here hehe! Btw, yay for vegan fashion and vegan fashion blogs like yours and mine 😀





Waqas ahmad - Insidetale

Reading the post give me some new clothing store names. Sure, I will write about them on our website. Actually, I searched for Canadian online clothing store, but seeing your website means that, it got quite a potential in SERPs.

Radek Wojnar

Thanks for the article. See also http://www.PunkParrot.com – vegan & proanimal & feminist, ethical clothing and home decor – with an edge 😉

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This is such a useful resource! Thanks for putting it together! I blog about vegan bags. So happy, that others are spreading the message as well and making it easier for people to shop vegan!



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