Top 7 Fall Cruelty-Free Accessories

November 9, 2016

It’s here! We’re knee-deep into Fall and it’s getting chillier by the minute. Whoop whoop! I’m so excited. I love all seasons, but I particularly love Fall because you get to wear the coolest clothes. You’re not engulfed in layers like during Winter; it’s just the right amount to show off the coolest style.

What are the best Fall cruelty-free accessories? I looked around and I found what I was looking for, as usual. I am good when it comes to look for awesome cruelty-free accessories and clothes. In this post, I’m going to show you a list of the best vegan accessories around: enough to get you covered head to toe (or coat to shoes if you prefer).

1. Vegan leather jacket

Who doesn’t love the edgy look of moto jackets? Too bad they’re all made of leather or extremely cheap leatherette. Little did I know that a brand that makes exclusively vegan leather jackets existed. It’s James and Co and you’re my witness, I’m going to order me a nice jacket very soon (because my black moto jacket is sadly falling apart. So long and goodbye, we spent some good time together!). I’m thinking about the Vegan Suede Moto because I want to create my own custom jacket! How would you make yours?

2. Vegan leather watch

Votch - Vegan Leather Watch

I bet you barely ever thought about a watch as part of your cruelty-free accessories quest. Well, here it is. And it’s utterly amazing. I own the Dark Grey version of Votch watches myself and I love it to bits. I was desperately looking for a minimal and high-end looking vegan leather watch when I got an e-mail from Votch introducing their new collection. I don’t think I was ever more thrilled than when I received my new Votch. I totally feel like a million bucks when wearing it, and without the cruelty! Check out my Instagram for a closer look at this sleek watch on my wrist.

Votch - Vegan Leather Watch Cruelty-Free Accessories

3. Fake leather backpack

Finally! A cool cruelty-free accessories brand that is also affordable. Eighty-Eight Vegan Handbags has a wide range of luxury vegan handbags and backpacks at rather affordable prices and I just got myself one. Yep. I can’t resist a cool minimal futuristic backpack. Here’s the one I got: the Joanne convertible backpack. I can’t wait to show you as soon as it gets to my doorstep! They have a lot of convertibles on their website and another super cool backpack I will probably purchase very soon. Love me some good backpacks (so comfy right? Are you team handbag or backpack?)

Eighty-Eight Convertible Vegan Leather Backpack - Cruelty-Free Accessories

4. Cruelty- free handbags

You can’t say you’re a real cruelty-free advocate if you don’t own at least a Matt&Nat handbag. I’m joking, I don’t own one (yet) but I’ve seen them and I touched them and boy, do they feel good. Matt&Nat cruelty-free accessories are definitely the best around. Guess what? They have a men collection too. So no more cruelty-ridden office bags guys. You have an alternative, too. You better take the chance now.

5. Vegan leather purse

Luca Chiara Vegan Leather Purse - Cruelty-Free Accessories

This is another little miracle from this last month. My previous purse was literally falling apart and I was desperately looking for a new one. I didn’t want to go for a super cheap faux leather one because I know they last a few months and then they fall apart. Exactly like my last purse. The universe listened and I found Luca Chiara. I loved them from the second I saw their detachable customizable bags. But alas, I was looking for a wallet (who the hell still says “alas” by the way?). They sell super good quality RFID safe wallets like the one I got: the Isabella zip around wallet. A gorgeous, color block purse for people who like to keep every business card they come across like me. PETA approved.

Luca Chiara Vegan Leather Purse - Cruelty-Free Accessories Luca Chiara Vegan Leather Purse - Cruelty-Free Accessories

6. Cruelty-free and ethical scarves

Let’s face it, most of the scarves out there are made of wool and God knows in what environment. But scarves are a must-have for the chilly season, and they’re also a great addition to an otherwise plain outfit. Yes, I own plenty of colorful scarves and a scary amount of black clothes. But that’s how I like it: black with a pop of color!

Vegan and Ethical Wrap by Threads for Thought - Cruelty-Free Accessories

7. Vegan weekenders

Fall calls for weekends at the spa and you know it. I have to call in Luca Chiara again here. I mentioned their customizable detachable bags a couple of paragraphs above but I don’t think you got how gorgeous they are. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the black + gray one here – my favorite color combination!

Luca Chiara Vegan Weekender - Cruelty-Free Accessories


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Top 7 Fall Cruelty-Free Accessories


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