Top 5 Dark Fashion Blogs

When I say dark, I mean gothic. I will not list pastel goths, grunge goths or sons and daughters of the union between Satan and a unicorn. This top 5 list is completely devoted to goths, i.e. people that were goth before dark became a trend some years ago! This is not meant to discriminate all of the other style (you know I’m a big fan of anything creative, colorful or slightly bizarre, pastel goth included! ) What I love most about these bloggers is that they are able to mix a classic goth style with “modern” trends and fashion, so they always look amazing, confident and true to themselves. I love it!
In no particular order:

My 5 Favourite Dark Fashion Blogs


I’m 27-years-old escapist from Finland who loves shoes, dark clothing, music (among other things: 80’s goth, darkwave, deathrock), sewing and photography.

Visit Desperate Hell to know more about Suski: you will find quality photography, lots of outfit pictures as well as dark inspired art, books, exhibitions, clothes, places.



Sneak a peek into my head and wardrobe. You will meet lots of clothes, vintage, movies, books, music, Japanese culture and a big absence of colors. If you enjoy dark aesthetics, you will feel right at home.

Visit Pretty Lies to peek into Ellone’s life. She’s the “trendiest” among the bloggers listed here, but this is not a con: her blog is very interesting and her style is amazing.



Bones and Lilies the blog is written by Karoliina from Finland. I’m a 28-year-old game designer and enjoy playing around with make-up on my free time. I’ve been involved in the goth subculture since my teens and simply love it.

Visit Bones and Lilies and plunge into Karoliina’s colors! Goth people can also have colourful hair, did you know that? She is really good at it and her hair is beautiful.



Musings on the life, style and oddities of a young woman whose heart beats for all things beautiful and macabre. 24 years of escapism enveloped in black robes, a breathing paradox that feeds on plants and thrives on imagination.

Visit Through the Looking Glass to know more about Moth. Gothic to the bone, her style is so elegant and charming you’ll fall under her spell in no time! Great photography and art, you will browse this blog for hours without even noticing!



My name is Meagan Kyla, I am a 30-something fashion stylist from Buffalo, NY, who enjoys the goth subculture and lifestyle and is obsessed with the 80s. I like to talk about shopping for fashion on a budget, music and shoes!

Visit Coffin Kitsch to have a blast with Meagan Kyla! Her style is inspired from the 80s:  if you love stripes, cheetah, tattoos, pixie haircuts and boots this blog is right for you!

Other Dark Blogs I Like

I’ve drawn up a list of my top 5 dark fashion blogs, but there are plenty more out there worth having a look at! These are some nice blog reads for you: Mute the Silence – Black Widow SanctuaryBubblegoth InspiredThe Everyday Goth . Enjoy!

Make sure to check my other Top lists: Top 10 Alternative Fashion Blogs and Top 10 Emerging Alternative Fashion Blogs ! Do you know more dark fashion blogs? Are you a dark fashion blogger? Please leave a comment below and let us know!


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Great list! Always good to find new inspiration, so thanks! 🙂

I think Adele Psych would be a great addition to this list, she has great style!


I miss Sophistique Noir on your list!
and h


    Thank you Sana, I didn’t know Musta and Leena! I already know Sophistique Noir but she’s not one of my favourite; I think her style is too “classic”, and too grown-up goth for me! If you have a look at all the other blogs I’ve chosen they’re all very dark hair, bangs, piercings and black lipstick-y!


      You’re welcome! That’s true! She’s more classic because she’s got 40 years old and that’s the way she adapted the “dark” to maturity. It’s not my style too but it’s interesting. I notice that when she wears short skirts she looks much more younger!
      The others (of your list) have a more youngish looks, which I love!

Sary Walrus

Oh, you’ve delved into my part of the community! I love all of these bloggers, they’re all such nice people as well as very lovely bloggers. My own blog is dark fashion (though it’s hard to tell with the title) that focuses mostly on Goth fashion.

Meagan Kyla

Oh wow! Thank you for including me on your list! That is so rad, thank you!!!


Thank you so much for adding me to your list! <3


    You’re welcome Ellone! Thank you for having such an awesome blog! 😀


I’m a goth/metal/alternative style blogger from Brazil, I guess you guys could maybe like it 🙂


Hi there,this s my new blog for my clothing line PSYCLE, which is inspired by dark fashion

Ella Thomas

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Alice Harry

Wow it’s Really amazing. very thanks for sharing with us.

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