Top 10 Emerging Alternative Fashion Blogs

August 13, 2013

I feel like we need more fashion bloggers with a unique style: if you feel the same, then read on! I find it always very hard to discover new bloggers, more than anything bloggers with a style that I like. I have already made a list of the Top 10 Alternative Fashion Blogs, and it looks like everyone pretty much agrees with that. Those bloggers are already established, and most of them are a real statement in the blogosphere.
In this post I wish to give a little space to the bloggers I feel like will go far with making a statement of themselves, but still don’t have the deserved readership they could.

lara-lizard-alternative-bloggers  1. Lara Lizard – Colors, rainbows and marshmallows! Oh, and occasional reptiles. The reason I love her style is that she looks like she doesn’t care, she mixes seasonal trends with vintage finds and matches everything into her very personal style.

 2. Violetta Stelenes of Saturn Satori – This is the second time I feature her on styleBizarre cause she’s such an inspiring girl. She’s moved from Mexico to Germany and she’s now living her international life in Berlin. She covers a wide range of topics and she’s a wonderful edgy looking lady!

 3. Naelle Devannah of De.Lirium – Beautiful and talented girl, not your average NYC or London blogger, her posts are never boring! She’s an artist before being a blogger: on her blog you can find dyed hair, diy projects, photography, make-up and painting.  Plus, she’s a styleBizarre reader so please pay her a visit ;)!


 4. Sapphire of Little Owl Diary – You would surely turn your head if you meet her on the street! Nothing is too much: wigs, colors, platforms and fake lashes. She’s the alternative fashion dream come true!

 5. Stacey Black of Aesthetic Contradiction – Creative, hot and entrepreneur. What else could you ask from a girl? I love her latex brand Eustratia and she’s such a lovely person. Check – her – out!

 6. Jenny of Rock n Rollerr – Follow Rock n Rollerr and you will never have a fashion-boring day in your life! New outfit posts almost everyday, and plenty of concerts coverage! Moreover, I’m in love with the responsive design of the blog. Clever and stylish!


 7. Maddy&Mia from Protesque – Two girls, a dazzling style! They’re both alternative, elegant and colorful in their special way. Definitely promising!

 8. Stella Rose Saint Clair – I know that I add her to pretty much every shout out post that I make, but I really admire this girl. She’s brave, talented and beautiful and she deserves more recognition!

 9. Sincerely, Boots Mag – Alright this is not a blog or a single blogger, but it was. It’s been a mag since March, so it’s not that long!  But since I love the articles  and they still are “emerging” I felt like it was appropriate to add Sincerely, Boots Mag to this post.

 10 . Pull Your Socks Up – She’s not the average alternative girl at all! Desiré is 45, and she has a thing for colourful piece of clothing and accessories. She IS pure energy, creativity and fun. I love her outfit pictures, she really is the alternative to mainstream fashion (and alternative fashion as well, for once!)

Some other emerging alternative fashion blogs I’d like to add to the list: Feeling VagueTralala GalThe Nerd BurgerIn My SpineAnti.Muse

Now that you’ve read my list, please feel free to add your blog or a blog you feel fits the category of Emerging Alternative Fashion Blogs!


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I have a personal/style blog too! It’s mostly goth/punk with a bit of grunge and nu goth here and there. I post a variety of content from everyday life, shopping hauls and outfit posts.


A nice list, you featured a lot of blogs that I already read plus I got to know some nice new ones. Thanks or the feature 🙂


Thanks so much for the feature Elisa. I’m flattered with your words.

I agree, finding cool blogs is quite a hard task nowadays. I can’t wait to start browsing these new blog recommendations. So,I’m starting now! 😀


Ahh thank you so much for featuring me! literally just browsing blogs and came across this ^ u ^

Will definitely check these other blogs out 🙂



Thanks for creating this list of fresh talent! So many new bloggers tend to copy other blogs. I love to see different voices out there!

Violetta Stelenes

I am so happy and excited to be featured again in StyleBizarre, Elisa! I make no secret that your blog is one of my favorites, you always have the best ideas and such a vibrant, bold personality to go with them!

Also, this post was a goldmine for cool new blogs to follow for me, and I am promptly adding them to my blogroll. There are so many generic blogs out there, but these ones are really unique and full of personal style! I am particularly taken by Lara Lizard, Little Owl’s Diary and De.Lirium! They offer rich, personalised content… much more tan your average “uh, I saw this was trendy on Tumblr so I am recreating the same outfits over and over again”.

Thank you! And congrats on being featured (as per usual 😉 on Links à la Mode this week. 🙂

Nerd Burger

I can’t believe you know I exist. I am just so shocked. Thank you so much for mentioning me.

Rachel Dahl

Last night I had a dream that my hair was back to blue and very short. These girls make me want to be like that all over again! Would you consider going back to pink? I live in the suburbs now and far away from the city, unlike I used to be, so it’s been more alienating to be different these days.


Wow thank you so very, very much for including me on your list, I feel so honoured to be in such wild, untamed territory – woohoooooooooo!!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxox


Really inspiring list, I was looking for that 🙂


Hi! I have a rocker/alternative blog to show my personal style. It’s Luce-t byIrene ( and I post my outfits and music posts every monday in English and Spanish. Hope you like it!!


Nice list!


    Thanks Sana! I like your blog, if only I could understand a little bit more of what you write! 🙁


      Thank you!!
      I have a translation gadget on the blog, it is not perfect, but I have an amout of US, Germany and Latin American readers that can understand a bit of whats going on! 😉
      I Love here! <3

Christine Rage

Thank you for this article! I was looking for fashion bloggers that specialize in rock styles and alternative fashions as I am a fashion designer who’s seeking bloggers to advertise with. Most of the big name bloggers don’t really have an edgy style, so this list is really going to help me save time by honing in on bloggers who have the demographics I’m seeking. Cheers!


So many good ones these days including Irish blogger ciaraspaceface but shes new

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