Top 10 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

February 9, 2015

Hello my dear challengers! Kudos to you for coming so far through The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge. If you’re reading this name for the first name, go check the previous posts of the series here. You won’t regret it, I swear!
I was eagerly waiting for today’s post. I have been on the look for cruelty-free fashion blogger in the last month and I’ve been amazed at how many amazing bloggers I have found. I honestly wasn’t expecting that amount of awesomeness in the cruelty-free blogosphere. I am so glad I went on this journey because it didn’t only help people like you to find out more about living a cruelty-free life. It also helped me discovering new brands, blogs and generally amazing loving and compassionate people along the way. I am in awe.

Thank you for being with me on this journey, we’re almost at the end! We have just another post that will go live on next Monday, and The Vegan Wardrobe Challenge will be over. Or will it be? Ha, you thought I was going to let this topic go that easily. I’m not! I wrote a book about it, you can find it on Amazon here. Remember that YOU are the only one who can reverse the cruel direction the world has headed towards. If you want, you can also get the book for FREE; subscribe to our mailing list in the box at the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Blogs

1. The Streets I Know

Blog“Bringing cruelty-free fashion to the streets of every city/town big or small since 2009.”  Melanie is definitely committed to the cruelty-free lifestyle. She’s been vegan since 2002 and she blogs over Chic Vegan and One Green Planet, too. She’s also been featured in Melisser Elliot’s book The Vegan Girls Guide To Life. The Streets I Know carries every news from the vegan fashion world: I highly suggest you follow Melanie on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

2. Fashion Vedge

Blog“A fashion blogger who blends thrifty modern & vintage styles to create timeless, sleek, cruelty-free outfits as an art.” Did I hear outfits? Was anybody asking for outfit photos? With Amanda your thirst for outfits can be quenched. She’s also a photographer so that explains that high quality of her blog’s photos. Head over Styleynn for some serious cruelty-free inspiration!

3. Duckalicious

Blog“Vegan personal style blog with minimalist tendencies.” I think that this description pretty much says it all. This blogger from Slovenia is also a weight loss&nutrition coach and a translator (“among other things”). I couldn’t find her real name for the life of me, so we’ll just call her the stylish and compassionate Duckalicious!

4. A Cup of Joan

Blog” […] I hope to prove fashion without cruelty (no leather, angora, fur, feathers, wools etc.) is sustainable, and I wish to provide insight and inspiration about it as well.” Joan is a beautiful woman who mostly posts outfit photos on her blog. Check her out if you need some inspiration (or you are on a cruelty-free pinning spree!)

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

5. Ethical Code

Blog“Ethical-Code is an innovative project that aims to unite the trend ready-to-wear with the “non-violent” philosophy.” A bilingual blog (Italian and English) Ethical Code is a beautiful, elegant and inspiring place to stumble on. I was absolutely mesmerized by this blog. Stefania De Peppe is an Italian actress so brace yourself because you’re going to see a lot happening on this blog!

6. Evolstyle

Blog –  “eVolstyle is a blog about the chicest cruelty-free fashion available for the vegan girl in a material world.” A cute cruelty-free fashion blog run by Stefanie. She mostly blogs about vegan style suggestions, but you can also find beauty and food posts. If you’re on a mission to discover big and small vegan businesses, Evolstyle is your blog.

7. Skinless in September

Blog“Fashion forward and cruelty-free – My goal is to inspire and empower stylish women to live a kinder life.” Maris has gone vegan in September 2014. It’s not been long but she has already established quite a loyal following on her blog and on her Instagram account. She posts a lot of outfit posts but she also has a “Bites” section on her blog.

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

8. Chic Vegan

Blog“Helping you live a remarkably compassionate life with an extravaganza of vegan fashion, food, beauty and innovation.” This is one of the blogs you must be aware of if you’re interested in anything cruelty-free! Chic Vegan is a never ending source of news on the vegan world. They have a plethora of bloggers and it truly is a cruelty-free goldmine.

9. Girlie Girl Army

Blog“Your Glamazon Guide to Green & Compassionate Living.” Girlie Girl Army is another must follow for cruelty-free lovers.AIt was founded by Chloé Jo Davis (“eco spokesperson, animal lover and vegan Mom of 2 boys in NYC”) and it’s huge source of articles, inspiration, new brands and everything sustainable and cruelty-free.

10. Vegan Fashion Blog

Blog “A place for all things cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainable.” The Vegan Fashion Blog is another must follow. Chock-full of info about cruelty-free brands, news and articles it’s an everyday must read.

Extra: Faux Mood

Blog“We are deep in new york city street fashion featuring zero animal materials and only the /awesomest/ of style.” I had to feature an 11th blog because this is too awesome not to. Faux Mood is a completely cruelty-free street style projects. What does it mean? They basically go around New York taking photos of cruelty-free outfits. They’re the new Scott Schuman, but a lot cooler!


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The Little Foxes

This is an awesome list with all of my pals. I hope you stick with your vegan challenge and maybe my site (The Little Foxes) and a few others (Jesse Ann O is a great vegan site, too) can add to the mix of being helpful! Keep up the great work.


    Hey Ashlee! I’ll definitely include your blog in the list in my ebook . Is that alright with you? There are going to be more bloggers than just these 10 <3


Thanks for this great list. Already love many of them and found a few more to add to my list of favorites. (BTW, The Little Foxes is one of my very favorites! Glad you will add it to your ebook.)


    Thank you Debra! I am looking to add every blog and brand I know on the book! It’s an ever growing list 😛 If you have someone you love in mind please share and I’ll add it to the list! <3


Ooh, as a vegan I so appreciate all the work you have done here. Whoo hoo some style as well as a little animal love – Thank you!


    You’re very welcome Candy! I’m glad you appreciate my work, thanks so much. And yes, we need a little style too 😀


There are numerous products that we are using in our daily life are animal based products or non synthetic products. As using vegan is the current trend that means cruelty free products and free from animal products. In this blog, you have given top 10 cruelty free fashion like vegan clothing, beauty etc from numerous fashion bloggers. As i have seen addresschic, this website also refers the vegan brands and also follow the vegan fashion trend.

Wayden King

Thanks for the great list. Personally I like Invictus more because of its beautiful design but it’s my subjective opinion and others might prefer Core Minimalist.


Thanks for this post! Please check my Instablog @ima_zh

I am an Image Consultant and my goal is to teach people how to be stylish and elegant wearing cruelty free items. Let me know what you think!

Kristen Stanton

Thank you for this post and helping vegan entrepreneurs! I do that too! May I share my own blog with your readers? It’s UniGuide – I blog about eco-friendly and vegan accessorie, plus vegan and sustainable lifestyle-related topics. Thanks again!

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