7 Tools You Absolutely Need to Blog

August 20, 2011

Ok, these 7 things are the things I absolutely need to blog. There’s no way I could blog without them. But we are all different. What works for me could not work for you, even if I highly doubt you could blog without a computer. Maybe you prefer a desktop instead of a laptop, or you don’t need a planner because you write everything on your phone. Anyway, have a look at my list. You might get some ideas, you never know!

Blogging inspiration can catch you anytime, so you better be prepared!


7 Tools you Need to Blog

Having a laptop is kind of vital in a blogger’s life. Even if you have a desktop computer, you’ll still a laptop when you travel or go to events. I personally use a Macbook and an iMac and I couldn’t blog without any of the two. I used to blog from my Macbook, but since I got the iMac my health improved. Can you imagine blogging 8 to 10 hours a day from a 13″ screen? A 21″ screen that you can work on while sitting on a desk is 100 times better.
If you have to choose, go for a laptop first. You can carry it anywhere, you can easily travel with it and you can blog from your sofa, which is always nice (not for your posture though!)
And of course you can blog from all the places you need to be if you’re a blogger.


7 Tools you Need to Blog

Whether you get a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera it’s the same really. Why am I saying it’s the same? Because if you don’t know how to use a DSLR it’s better for you to get an easier and cheaper camera to start with. I’m telling you this from my experience. I never have the time to learn to use my DSLR so it’s basically sitting there waiting to be used once every 6 months. Sad, isn’t it? I use my iPhone most of the times because it’s easier.  But if you know something about photography, definitely get a DSLR. Remember that good photography is the number 1 thing you need to establish credibility among your readers.



7 Tools you Need to Blog

I couldn’t do anything without a planner. You don’t need a fancy a$$ planner, even a small one will do. Just write everything on it for goodness sake! You don’t want to forget that you have a deadline for a sponsored post or that you told your readers you would have published something on a certain date and then you forgot. You must keep everything nice and clean, and organized. I personally use a planner for my blog, and a small planner for everyday life. I find that carrying a small diary also helps when inspiration hits you. Scribble those ideas because they will go away as quickly as they came!



7 Tools you Need to Blog

Come on, you can’t think you can keep up with the blogosphere without a smartphone. You need that little bastard to capture interesting things you come across. You need it to network with your fellow bloggers. You need it when you’re out and about and you might receive a work e-mail. I know it might sound daunting, but you can always turn it off when you really need to rest. Try it, it feels so relieving.



7 Tools you Need to Blog

Magazines and books a great source of inspiration. If you’re a blogger I suppose you write. If you write, you must read. Let me put this in a different way: you can’t be a writer without being a reader! I have recently changed my mind on magazines and I’m not buying women’s magazines anymore, but I’m definitely reading more books. And I keep up to date with the fashion world through the magic internet!



7 Tools you Need to Blog

This one is for non-native English speaking people. As you might have already noticed, I’m Italian. I need to check words, idioms and I need a reliable software that helps me spot my mistakes before I hit publish! Wordreference is the best thing that ever happened to non-natives because it’s not only an online dictionary, it also has forums. You can ask questions and mother tongue people will get back to you with the answer. I love looking for new idioms! I also use Urban Dictionary sometimes. It’s useful when it comes to “youth talk” ;D



7 Tools you Need to Blog

There are a couple of reasons why I wear sunglasses whenever I can. First and foremost, I like going out with no makeup on. Ok, I’m joking this is not a good reason to wear sunglasses. You have to wear them to look cool, of course. Ok, I was still joking. The reason why I wear sunglasses so often is that I like staring at people. No, really. I love studying people. The way someone pairs two garments, the way some girl applied her eyeliner. I like getting inspired by people I come across on the street. There’s no way I could stare at people without sunglasses on. I’d rather avoid someone slapping me in the face because I’m staring at them, thanks.

Did you like my list? Do you have other tools you can’t do without in your blogging routine? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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ce l’ho ce l’ho, manca, ce l’ho ahah ho fatto così per 5min leggendo questo post 😀
In genere, almeno per ora, mi bastano, in ordine di importanza:
-il mio portatile con la connessione illimitata (grazie wi-fi di casa <3)
-tonnellate di riviste di moda&co
-il cellulare per appuntare ispirazioni o idee mentre sono in giro
-la digitale (una reflex con le mie scarse capacità di fotografa è uno spreco e ne sono coscente!)

😀 ma poi alla fine io sono una blogger atipica, forse non sono neppure una vera blogger perchè scrivo per me, ho un blog solo per poter seguire e leggere quelli degli altri, per arricchirmi.
Uso il blog come un mezzo e non un fine 🙂


    Hahah! Scusa se rispondo solo adesso ma sono in vacanzaaa! Comunque direi che hai tutto quello che ti serve! XD io sono un po viziata e mi circondo di qualsiasi cosa, se poi è inutile ancora meglio haha! Un bacio cara passa presto! 😀

Midnight Cowgirl

I love that you included sunglasses in your tool kit!


    Haha darling, sunglasses are VITAL!!


I agree with all of these! But I’ve never been on Word Reference before but am clicking on that website immediately after writing this comment xx


I am poor so I can’t afford a smartphone. I have to make due with pen and paper for thoughts and info, and a regular camera. I have everything else, though. Laptops are a must – and your back and neck will be better if you sit in a reclining chair.
I’m wondering if anyone approaches other people with great outfits and asks to take their picture. Do you?

erin F.

Love the pink camera!

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