Last Minute Sustainable Christmas Gifts

December 12, 2014

Ho ho ho! You only have 13 days left to Christmas, so you’d better click on that “Buy” button before it’s too late! I know you don’t want to end up running your Christmas errands at the very last minute. Especially if you are totally up for a sustainable Christmas this year.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Let’s be clear on this: the only real way to be sustainable at Christmas would be to decide to not buy gifts at all, and use the money for some good cause. Another great idea would be to DIY all your gifts, but we know this takes time. You should have planned this way ahead. Still, if you have a couple of days to spare, read this tutorial on how to make a cute beanie hat; it could be a nice gift for your nieces, cousins or aunties. It’s 100% vegan, sustainable and eco-conscious. And recycled of course!

So what if you absolutely have no time left, you are overwhelmed with work and you want to give your loved ones gifts but also help the sustainability of the human race? Good for you, you want to help the world and we want to help you.

Gifts for Home Decor Addicted

Some perfect gifts for your mom or for your friends who’s totally addicted to Pinterest. Because yes, that’s where we get such cute and stylish ideas!

Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Reusable Glass Drinking Straws Mason Jar Gift Set – Shiraleah Caravan Embroidered Round Decorative Pillow – Vivaldi Salad Servers (Set of 2)

Gifts for Dudes

We all have dudes in our lives. Whether it’s your dad, your brother, boyfriend or best friend, when Christmas comes we totally panic. Just get him something cool to wear or a classic bath set. This one from Vegan Cuts is totally cool. (Did you notice we are in love with Vegan Cuts?)

Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Men Faux Leather Matt&Natt BagHoliday Grooming Box with 9 ProductsNaketano Eco Grey Hoodie

Gifts for the Eco Fashionista

Do you want to make your fashionista best friend happy? Do you want to secure your stylish vegan girlfriend for life? Don’t give her a ring, buy her a Falabella. This designer vegan bag is every cruelty-free fashionista’s dream!

Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Stella Mc Cartney Fold-Over Falabella – Free People Womens Rugged Vegan Skinny –  Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur Everett Boot

Small Gift for Relatives and Colleagues

Now, we have sorted out the most important people in your life, but what about all the other people? If you’re that colleague that gives a little gift to everyone in the office, you should totally have a look at Vegan Cuts beauty section. They have a lot of small and not expensive things that you can use as gifts. You could buy a set of bath bombs and give each colleague one for example!

Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Botanical Bath Salts Box Set – 14K Gold Plated Animal Bracelet – Gentleman’s Beard Oil

Is someone missing from this list? Of course, it’s your vegan girlfriend! That’s because we already have a post about a sustainable and cruelty-free gift guide for your vegan girlfriend.

Are you going to celebrate in a sustainable way this Christmas? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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