Stretched Ears: Do or Don’t?

October 28, 2012

Here comes the moment to talk about body modification: where there’s alternative fashion there are plug piercings, tattoos and dyed hair. Everybody knows that!

My least favourite topic and body modification is exactly the one I am going to talk about: stretched ears. Yes or no?

Why: a Bit of History

Stretched ears, exactly as tattoos and other modifications, come from ancient tribes: the more your ears (or lips or nose in some cultures) were stretched, the power you had. This was because if your ears were stretched it meant you wore a lot of jewels, and that empowered and showed your status symbol (think about Buddha: he was a rich prince who used to wear a lot of gold jewels: once he gave it all away he had permanently stretched ears, and that’s how he is still represented in all pictures and statues.).

Obviously it has lost his meaning now, but as all of the other body modifications it is no more and no less than “normal” jewels, clothes and accessories. Status symbol. No matter how “normal” society members think it as a strange, weird, freak and sick thing, it is simply another way of expression.

A Pinch of Salt

So, let’s do this, but let’s do it the right way! You better find a good piercer and stick to his/her suggestions, or a good plug piercing supplier and start from the gauge they suggest. I’ve found this useful guide to ear stretching, which gives a couple of vital suggestions like:

  • Always start stretching your ear with a taper: a special piercing that is round at one end, and very thin at the other, so it’s easier to put it in place the first time.
  • If you are not sure, stop stretching at 2 gauge. This will make you able to invert the process and heal the ear back as it was before stretching.
  • Keep your ears moisturized! Yes, it actually helps a lot, even with the healing process!

Where To Buy

Another vital thing when buying piercings is buying them in the right places! Do not buy them in market stalls or in cheap shops, buy them in proper shops, whether physical or on-line shops. I made this mistake before, and the result were horrible infections in my piercing holes. Since is Movember, why not going for these super cute mustache plugs, or if you are a loyal old school follower, these anchor plugs are what you’re looking for: they’re sold in pairs and there’s free shipping on over $20 orders (US orders).

I think that stretching your ears should be something you really think about A LOT before doing it. Going back is really hard, and often unachievable if you’ve gone too far. Despite all of these don’ts, it looks absolutely gorgeous when done properly, and it can really give your ears and your look that little extra something that you are looking for.

What do you think about body modification? Would you go for stretched ears? IF you already have, what was your experience? Tell us more about it!


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