Women On the Road: Solo Female Travelers

February 10, 2014

There are weeks in which certain topics literally hunt you: this is the travelling women week! Solo or with friends, couple or families with kids, women on the road is definitely my favourite topic these days. What can be more enticing? I’d love to be a solo female traveler, with my fedora hat and my sunglasses, taking pictures of every interesting landscape and detail I spot, going in all the places I’ve always wanted to go!


Solo Female Travelers

There are so many blogs telling the stories of solo female travelers that you could think every single woman who travels on herself has opened a blog. Oh well jokes aside, there are many wonderful women out there documenting their travels! And we love it.
My absolute favourite are actually a couple of female friends and their blog is called “Our Wild Abandon”. They travel around America calling a trailer their home. Yes, exactly! How cool is that? Free as the wind, they left everything and went traveling full time!
Here’s a list of some solo female travelers I’m sure you’ll love!

Denise from A Girl in the World
Prime and Nina from The Gipsygals
Liz from Young Adventuress
Kate from Adventurous Kate


On the Road

So what this fixation on travelling now? I blame the last book I’ve read, which is “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. I know, I’m 26 and I’m ashamed I hadn’t read it before! But everything comes at the right time isn’t it? For those of you who don’t know, “On the Road” is a story about passion, nervous breakdowns, booze, enthusiasm, writing, music and a good dose of “I don’t care” attitude. Absolutely amazing, a book to be read with a nice map of the US right next to you! You don’t want to miss a step of the adventurous path our characters follow!

Solo Female Travelers Style Tips

Of course since reading the book I have been thinking about 50s look, hipsters and browline glasses. So you know what to expect from the next paragraph, you know!

Are you travelling to a warm destination? Then the shorts look is your way to go. You can pack light and just bring two pairs of shorts you will change for the duration of your trip, and some warm trousers if you encounter bad weather. Tuck a few tops in your suitcase, and a couple of long sleeved shirts. Never leave your sunglasses at home! This pair of Clubmaster could save your life.


Grunge shirts: RedBlackGreen / Denim Shorts: High WaistedBlack / Tops: Blue StripedWhite

Summer north Europe trip? It’s not going to be hot at all, so bring on the leggings, the jumpers and the hoodies! Don’t forget an umbrella or a K-Way, because you will need one of those! You are going to need Sunglasses anyway, and you know my favourite brand is Ray Ban. (Remember this post? They always come with me. Always!)


Raincoats: BlackOmbre / Warm Fleece Leggings: Cats Plain Black and Other Colors  / Sweatshirts: BrownishTrillest  – Trouble Maker

Do you know more solo female travelers? What would be your most worn item if you were to travel solo? Speak your mind in the comments below!

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My most worn item is pretty ugly! But really practical! It’s my zip off pants (you know, the trousers that you can zip the legs off and turn into shorts). Awful looking’s things but really practical. Out in the desert it’s freezing cold in the mornings and evenings but boiling hot during the day. Being able to just zip of part of your pants and turn them into shorts is actually pretty awesome!
After saying this I know I’ll never be a fashion girl!
Oh and anther thing, nothing to do with clothes : dry shampoo (the stuff you just spray on and brush off). IF you’re in a desert like place were water is scarce, this little spray stuff is a must have!!!


Yes, I know! We talk so much about travelling style and so on, but when you actually travel you don’t have the time and the will to do it! I’m sure you look amazing in your zip off pants haha! <3

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