Quirk of the Week: Solar Plexus Tattoos

January 10, 2014

As you may already know, I don’t have any tattoos but I do love a good tattoo. In the last month or so I’ve been into solar plexus tattoos A LOT! I love them, I think it’s the best area to get a tattoo for a woman. If you have some boobs to frame it all nicely, better. If you don’t, it will look beautiful anyway. (I don’t. XD)

I think that my solar plexus tattoo mania and my Hamsa (Fatima’s Hand) obsession started in the same place at the same moment: it was her. She’s an amazing young woman who’s been through a lot and she creates very nice jewellery.


I’m some kind of spiritual girl if you hadn’t already noticed (have you read this one, you?) so every time I have an obsession about something, I dig deeper to find out why.
I wasn’t thinking about chakras at all until last week, but I already was addicted on these “stomach tattoos”. That’s how I called them, until I bumped into some chakras articles and I realized that body area was called solar plexus and that it has a chakra.


The manipura chakra is related to the color yellow (I’ve recently changed my living room and guess what? Everything is yellow.), it is related to the scent of lemon (guess which oil i’m always burning on my essence burner these days?) its gem is citrine (guess what I had as a recent gift? Yes, a citrine quartz point.) and an unbalanced solar plexus chakra brings on digestive problems (hi, that’s me!). Manipura’s element is fire, and I’m always lighting candles lately. Oh! And I’ve been completely addicted on mint, which is one of the spices related to this chakra (according to this article). So something must be going on here. I haven’t completely figured it out it yet, but it must have something to do with change and personal growth. It must have something to do with decisions to be made.

Solar Plexus Tattoos

I wanted to show you how everything is deeply connected, and how even small things are meaningful if you’re willing to look into them. But now, enough with the woowoo and on to the tattoos! (I’m kidding, no woowoo here. It’s all real!) I’ve found a lot of these tattoos on Tumblr, and some of them don’t have an owner. If you know who these people in the non-credited pictures are, please leave a comment below!

Do you love solar plexus tattoos? Would you ever got one? Leave a comment below and join the conversation! 



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I like the look but would never do it since I feel it would look awful after any sort of weight gain or pregnancy.


Strangely enough everytime in my dreams i am naked and i look at myself or i am near a mirror i have a very big circle tattoo in my plessus area. Just a big empty circle outline that ofc i don’t have in real life…
Woah, guess my mind is telling me something =)

Michi of Delphina Luxe

Your recent experiences sound rather fascinating.

Solar plexus tattoos are most definitely interesting visually, my favorite are the ones that are placed closer to the heart chakra.


This is the new tramp stamp, the days of the ass antlers are gone and now ladies have a new dirty place to post pictures of their new tattoo without shame of being cliche…or do they?


Honestly Dreyfus, I don’t like labeling tattoos with anything like “tramp stamp” or judging people by where they choose to locate their tattoos. That said, I don’t think the reason of these tattoos is to show off a “new dirty place to post pictures of” and I don’t even think the underboob area is a “dirty place.” But everyone has the right to choose and to express their opinion 🙂

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