DIY Cut-Up T-shirt + Outfit

October 10, 2013


I don’t want to let summer go, so I’m going to pretend it’s still here by writing a post about t shirts, and how to cut them up in a nice way! The how-to is pretty basic and I take you all know how to use a pair of scissors, but I’m going to give you some small tips that could save your t shirt in the long haul!
First of all, have a look at what a side cut t shirt looks like. This one I haven’t done it myself, it is courtesy of the amazing Grit n Glory NYC shop, go check it out!

In the last picture I’m wearing a customized necklace, because I am an egocentric person and I need my blog name hanging from my neck. Haha not true, anyway it is courtesy of Onecklace, and you can customize pretty much everything you can think of! I chose the Ice Cream style in silver… at least it’s how they call it, I picked it cause it was totally zombie/blood dripping to me! I highly suggest you go and have a look, there’s plenty of styles, fonts and materials to choose from! The shoes are Boohoo Chelsea Boots: so comfy I could run in them!

How to side cut your t shirt

  1. Find a long and slightly oversized t shirt you like
  2. Fold it in a half (vertical direction)
  3. Decide how deep you want your cut to be and place a pin.
  4. Now decide where you want to cut your sleeves: how thick do you want your sleeve to be? Place another pin!
  5. Trace a line from one pin to another.
  6. Cut: now you have your side cut t shirt!


Tidbit n°1: Cutting a straight line on woven fabric is really tricky: use VERY sharp long blade scissors, and stick a masking tape along your line and cut through it. I stuck some inbetween the two sides and on the back, too.This will help stabilizing your fabric and cutting a straight line! Another method is to pin paper underneath your fabric: try what’s best for your fabric by cutting a small piece of sleeve first using each one of the two methods. Whichever works best is the one you’ll use to cut the definitive sleeve!

Tidbit n°2: sew a few stitches on the bottom part of your cut: this way your fabric won’t fray and your side cut t shirt will last forever!


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I went through a phase a couple of years ago where i always cut my t-shirts, makes them more unique too!

♥ Little Owl Diary


I simply cannot leave tshirts alone … they must be tweaked! Thank you for this marvellous tutorial 🙂 xxxx


I usually don’t even buy “normal” t shirts because they’re never flattering on my body I think! Or almost any body I think! So they must be tweaked, you’re right Desiree XD Therefore, I’m loving side cut shirts. Some years ago I used to cut all the necks away and make “boat neck” t shirts out of all my t shirts! They were always slipping on a side tho, not so comfortable. Long live the diy tshirt cutting!


love the clothes

Violetta Stelenes

Hey! I just felt the need to comment on how AMAZING you hair is! Wow. Seriously cool and edgy material; I love how some people (like you!) manage to create such a developed and solid personal aesthetic, it is almost like turning into a very interesting and iconic movie character, I don’t know how to explain it.

You make me feel inspired to do something awesome with my hair as well… I have been neglecting it a bit lately…



    Thanks darling! I will keep my side cut forever because I have too much hair on my head, it would be unmanageable without shaving some of it haha! And I love the look so it’s a win-win! I got rid of the bleaching already though, it’s too time consuming! Hairdyes always are!


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