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I’m sure that what I’m going to tell you doesn’t come as a surprise to you. It’s 2015 and more and more people are talking about the energy body. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you want to know more about it, keep reading. It’s going to be fun!

We aren’t the first ones to understand that our bodies aren’t just made of flesh and bones. Many ancient cultures and, dare I say, especially ancient cultures did understand that there was something more. How is the body a perfect living machine? How can it operate at such levels every day if there wasn’t a higher intelligence behind it? Turns out there is something more to this physical body of ours.

Our physical body is not everything there is to it. We are also made up of energy, as it is everything around us. The whole world is a constant exchange of energy and if you’re just a tiny little bit into quantum physics you’ll already know that. If you start thinking about reality as a constantly moving field of energies you will understand a lot more about chakras and why they are so important. If your chakras aren’t working properly, your physical body will not work properly. Chakras also influence your mind and your emotions so malfunctioning chakras could also mean unbalances in one’s behavior.

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Seven Chakras Energy Body School of the Modern Mystic

What Are the Seven Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in our body; it’s as simple as that. There are a huge number of chakras in our body, but we usually work with the main seven chakras. These points are the centers where our body exchanges energy with the outside world, and they also are responsible for the energetic balance in our body and mind. The seven chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown. (Did you like my inbuilt explanation of each chakra’s color? :P)
Think of the seven chakras (energy centers) as pillars, while your body is a building. If one or more pillars aren’t solid enough, your building will be unstable and eventually collapse.

How do you start working with your chakras you ask? Well, I kind of knew what chakras were but I didn’t really remember them all, or what color pertained to which one. I really started working with chakras after I came across Belinda Davidson. If you haven’t already heard about her, Belinda is an Australian intuitive and lightworker who has founded a proper school to teach people to fix their own energy body. When I first stumbled on Belinda’s website I was immediately drawn to her way of explaining mystical things like it’s no big thing. I mean, she makes it sound absolutely normal. I wasn’t totally “uninitiated” to woo woo stuff back then, but I didn’t know anything about the chakras, the White Light, Angels, and whatnot. Belinda made it all sound so familiar that I couldn’t help but feeling drawn to her. I first got her audio chakra meditation and started meditating to it every so often. I loved it, and that’s what brought me to the School of the Modern Mystic, Belinda’s body of teachings about the chakras and your energy body.

Seven Chakras Energy Body School of the Modern Mystic

How do You Work with your Energy Body and the Seven Chakras?

Good question. There’s no initiation to receive, no gurus to follow, no retreat you have to go to start working with your seven chakras. They’re not something that needs to be activated, they’re already in you. They might be not working at their best, but they are you. That’s what you’re made of. It’s all a matter of connecting to them. I didn’t know how badly I needed to look after my chakras until I started making connections between my physical and emotional issues and my chakras.

I came across Belinda for the first time in January 2014, and that’s also when I started my chakra meditation practice (which was everything but steady, believe me). I joined her online course in May: best thing I’ve ever done for myself. That’s where my journey inwards started. Had I not done Belinda’s course I’d never have stepped into this wonderful and magical journey made of synchronicities, deep understanding, love, and acceptance. This journey is one’s spirituality: you can experience it, too.

Since I went through Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic my life changed for the better. I have overcome huge issues like surges of anger, procrastination and general lack of direction in my life. Understanding your chakras and connecting to them it’s equivalent to getting to know yourself at a very deep level, beyond your ego and your rational mind.
It also opened the doors to a whole new world for me. Thanks to Belinda and the community I got to know Eckhart Tolle and many other amazing spiritual authors, I learned to take responsibility for my reality and to live and act from a place of acceptance. I now see the world from a totally different perspective. The shift I had was so huge I’m not even sure I can express it with words.

Seven Chakras Energy Body School of the Modern MysticSchool of the Modern Mystic

There is a plethora of ways you can take care of your energy body. You can do hatha yoga, kriya yoga, zhineng qigong, transcendental meditation, vipassana, Reiki, pranic healing and so on. There are really a thousand of ways you can do this, but all of them require someone who teaches you, initiates you, or directly works on you as in Reiki or pranic healing.
Of course, the School of the Modern Mystic is indeed a school (online), so it involves teachings, but the teaching is more for you to fully understand what you’re going through than for you to be able to look after your chakras. Let me explain this better.

Belinda’s school has 3 different modules that will take you through 3 different stages in your healing journey. The first module will take you through your chakras, starting from the root up to your crown chakra. Every chakra will have a period of time devoted to it, and Belinda will guide you through a deep understanding of the state of your chakra. She will teach you how to keep the chakra healthy, what the chakra loves and how to look after it. This will be reiterated for all the seven chakras, so the chakra part takes up the most part of the course. The second module is about the White Light, which in my opinion would deserve a course on its own. Belinda will teach you how to channel the White Light, how to use it to heal your chakras, how to let it help you with your everyday struggles. The White Light module might look brief, but it’s so intense it will blow your mind.
The third and last module is about mindfulness: the one thing you need to be present to yourself and not get carried away by negative energies, emotions, mind chatter and everything that could bring you back to where you started.

Meditating on your chakras daily as Belinda guides you to do through her chakra cleanse meditation would already be a huge step towards happiness and balance. But the online school gives you so much in terms of support and community, in addition to teachings Belinda only shares with her community of mystics.
One thing she does is to support every student energetically throughout the course, and trust me when I say it does make a lot of difference. You really feel like there’s someone guiding you and helping you through ups and downs (there will be many and you will need guidance). In fact, there is a Facebook group you will be part of. Each level of the school has its own private Facebook group, and each group has its own coach you can ask questions and help to. My level was lucky enough to have Rhondda Davidson as a coach, Belinda’s mother: she is an amazing person, coach, and mentor and she also had a direct connection with Belinda so she could ask her the questions she couldn’t answer herself.
You will also get two free White Light Healing Intensive Retreat which are totally life changing experiences and intense. The students of my course are actually getting a third WL Retreat for free as a gift from Belinda on April 17th. Honestly, I can’t wait to go through that experience again. It’s so always so deep and transformational.

If you want to know more about the School of the Modern Mystic you can find more info here. This is an affiliate link: please, consider purchasing the course through this link if you decide to enroll. I have made the course and I loved it so much I will keep recommending it to as many people as possible because I really believe it is a life changing experience. I even bought the course for my sister and gave it to her as a present because I so wanted her to live the same experience I lived! 

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