10 Essential Resources to Revamp Your Wardrobe

January 13, 2011

“How to restyle your wardrobe” is definitely a very topical issue. All of us want breath of fresh air in our closet, and we’re always struggling to find the perfect item. I read a lot of posts in the fashion blogosphere and I’ve decided to collect them in one place.

There are two things you need to do when you’re aiming to have a coherent style and be original and organized.

1. Style refreshing and organizing

This has to be done whether you are comfortablein yourstyle, or you want to step up your look game. The most important thing is knowing how to organize your things, decide which way you want to go, before you go shopping or throw anything away. But you also have to learn to throw away things you’ll never wear again (too tight-too worn out-too old-too far from your personal style).
2. Arrange your closet in a practical way 

The other vital thing is to be organized in a physical way. I’m suffering from lack of a big closet in this moment of my life, I had to pile up all my clothes in a bookshelf I managed to turn into a closet. I also use some drawers, and a clothes rack in the middle of the room. No surprise I’m going mad about this, and I swear the first thing I’m gonna check in my new house will be the wardrobe space. Anyway, if you have the chance to change things in your wardrobe, do it now! It’s awkward when you forget you own something because it ended up at the bottom of a drawer, or if you look for something you’re sure you own and you can’t find it because it’s in a box (somewhere God knows where).
How to Restyle Your Wardrobe

Let’s see many places where you can get trained to re-arrange your wardrobe.

Now, see what they did! 

Wardrobe essentials:

Last but not least, I want to say that I’m following all these tips that these amazing bloggers are giving to us, and of course I’m trying to follow my own tips.
Keeping your wardrobe fresh with regular “giveways”, diy “renewals”, bargain shopping and keeping things organized it’s vital.

Have you tried to build a new wardrobe or unclutter your closet? How do you keep your expenses low but your style fresh? Let us know in a comment below.


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Wow! Great post! Thanks for including me!

The Fashionable Traveler

No one would ever call me a "neat-knick" but keeping up and editing my closet is one thing I do well. I go absolutely crazy when my closet is out of control. Great post!


Great post Iv not long de-clutterd my closet!! I usually sell my things at CarBootFairs and buy into the new season with the money I make!! Cant stand my closet being too messy (Even though it often is)

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen)

Thank you for linking to me – what a great post!


Thank you Linda and Allie for writing such interesting posts! It was a natural consequence for me to include them in the list! 😀

By the way, I can't stand my closet to be messy neither, but I live in a living room at the moment so it's impossible to keep track of everything! First thing in my new house will be: organizing my f!"£!£ing closet XD

à la Modest

I have a closet that can literally fit a small kid in it and one dresser where I keep my underwear, socks, and nighties. So, to keep me from storing my clothes in boxes (because I left them there after moving in to this new house almost two years ago), I made our "attic", which is really just an unfinished second floor, into my "walk-in" closet. It works out for me except that our second floor lacks adequate heating and lighting and squirrels like to live up there. After almost two years of living in this house, I am still in the process of transforming the upstairs into my dream walk-in closet, and it has been going turtely slow…

Great tips on reorganizing! I really need to kick myself a notch with organizing. It sounds kind of epic to have a wardrobe organizing story that has been going on for what seems like forever, but it also seems ridiculous at this point—all due to my lack of effort.

Oh, and thanks for linking me to your site! I am liking the stuff you have on your posts. I also checked out the links on your blogroll… amazing. They've got to be one of my favorites now.


You're welcome! I never have time to fully read all the things you write, but I wish I had enough time to check all of your posts! You write so much and so well! It's an honour for me to hear you say you like the things I write! 😀 And yes of course I love my blogroll, too! Have you checked out my Top Ten Alternative Style Blogs post? You should find more interesting stuff here! 😀 Thank you again!
Oh, and I really would like to have squirrels in my closet, instead I only have three cats. If I leave my closet open by accident, I find everything scattered on the floor. Those three monsters are not funny!

Laura Connell

I did a closet edit with a stylist friend two years ago that entailed me getting rid of anything that didn't work and altering those that didn't fit. I colour code my things from light to dark. I keep costs down by buying vintage and used and I buy outfits rather than solo pieces that may not go with anything in my wardrobe. I have many standard pieces that can be mixed and matched and brightened up with accessories. I only buy things that I truly LOVE. My biggest concern is fit. Usually if something fits me, I will buy it but that is quite rare because so few things fit me the way I want (off the rack is like that). I believe it's wise to know your personal style and stick with it. Style schizophrenia can be expensive ie. boho one day and classic elegance the next is too incompatible. I tend toward structured classic pieces and dress them up with shoes or accessories.

I do need more colour. My new year's intention is to get at least one floral piece.

notes from a stylist

I'm all for culling once a season!

Merry Makes..

Thank you for including my post, Vivian.
You've done a great job of rounding up posts that are really going to help people to deal with wardrobe re-styling from different perspectives.

closet organizing

This closet looks so very lovely. It also looks enormous!! I am very jealous right now…


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