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January 6, 2014

Is it just me, or wherever I go I see people rebranding their blogs? Name changes everywhere, shifts from fashion blogging to lifestyle blogging, logo updating, graphic designers hiring like crazy! 2014 must be a year of changes, because I feel it in my veins as well. I have no longer been feeling empathy for my blog name in a while, because I feel like it’s too narrow: “bizarre” is an adjective that defines strange and weird things, and not always in a good way. Moreover, no one seems to be getting how it’s spelled right.

If that wasn’t enough, wherever I go I get mistaken with Bizarre the magazine. I talked about it here, and I’m not so happy about it.


Blogs that are rebranding

Kaelah Bee’s “Little Chef Honeybee” has changed into “The Clueless Girl’s Guide” – Zoe LDN’s “The London Lipgloss” is shifting into a lifestyle blog – Sarah’s “Catwalk Connections” is about to change and she also has a poll for you to choose your next favorite name. Can you think about more bloggers who are going through a rebranding process? 

If I told you I have no idea on how to rebrand, I’d lie. I know very well the topics I’d love to talk more about, but I feel they don’t fit with my blog name and mission anymore. I want to talk more lifestyle, more spirituality, more sustainable fashion and less parading. I want to talk love, travels, and of course personal style. There’s nothing “bizarre” about it. There surely is a fair amount of “alternative” though. That’s why I’m almost sure about what name I want to change to. I actually already had a change in styleBizarre journey, and it was in 2011 when I decided I would have started talking about a lot more than just clothes. And almost stopped talking about designers. ( I used to have a blog before styleBizarre though, and it was called “Style Pills”. Genius, right? -.-) I am restless with my Twitter and Tumblr usernames as well. I changed oh so many.

Don’t panic! Everything will stay the same, the change will be just in the name and maybe the general graphic design. There still will be everything I’ve been writing about but there will be more! More categories, more topics and possibly more writers. I’ve always wanted this place to look more like a community than a personal blog, and I feel like this shift will help it go in that direction.


Rebranding Tricks&Tips

Thinking about rebranding? You will certainly need some advice by who has already been there. Put your reading glasses on and take your time going through these:

How to tip toe through a rebranding in 8 easy steps

To rebrand or to restart?

Successful tales of blogger rebrands

How rebranding grew my blog

How I rebranded my blog

Some technical stuff which is honestly what I am mostly worried about:

– How to change your domain name without losing your rankings

Rebrand your social media profiles

How to rebrand your entire life on line post series

But guys, honestly, when I read about 301 redirects, page ranks and stuff I am more and more convinced that I will hire someone to take care of this. I’m too scared of fucking things up!

Feeling confused? What do you think? How is that everyone is going towards a broader range of topics and mostly shifting from personal and fashion blogging to lifestyle blogging?
Is it a sign of the times?
Is it because we need more topics and we’re finally fed up with spying in other people lives?
Please join the conversation and tell us your opinion in the comments below!


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Hey gorgeous!

Haha, I am guilty as charged. I had been making websites and writing blog posts way before the 2000s, and name changing was like changing clothes. I think it’s mostly got to do with my insecurity, especially since I was a teenager then. I kept evolving, my feeble sponge mind kept absorbing new stimuli—in turn, I kept changing. If you think I change my header or blog name a lot now, I was a lot worse 10 years ago!

Now as an adult though, it’s more got to do with changing direction just like you. Wanting more of myself to be understood rather than just about fashion. It’s a battle we bloggers struggle with all the time. Blogging is a personal journal, but it’s also a service we give to our readers looking for particular topics. Once we switch, we have the potential to lose following (but also gain others). I trashed the previous header where I wrote out my interests so clear in hopes that people will get not just my blog but me. I left it blank now with just my blog’s name. I just want them to figure it out… just like how an acquaintance in real life will just need to figure out what I’m like. Online, that’s rough because you’re faced with people who you can only attract for a second or two before they go to another blog. It’s sad.

You remember the other reason why I came back to “A LA MODEST” though, right? Another blogger took my name after I changed it, got a blogger account and other social media accounts with that name. It looks like she’s gotten more popular than me too, which is a plus for me…because I may be indirectly getting hits from people who land on my blog. That made me think of you and how others kept relating you to the magazine! That’s kind of a good thing hits wise, but not for your sanity and individuality. I know exactly what you mean.

Either way, I’ll be here. You know my real name. Haha. I’ll be around your blog as long as you keep it online and public!



    You are guilty indeed!! I don’t know any other blogger but us two who change logos so often. But you beat me, you changed your name twice already.
    I guess it has something to do with a person character. I mean, if your always moving and evolving in real life, why should your blog not follow you? It seems quite right to me. What was that you had under your blog logo? I can’t remember!
    I also had sentences, and now it’s only “Be Bold” but before it was “Be yourself, be daring, be different!” XD I don’t like the “be different” anymore because it sounds posh to me. I mean it sounds like you’re different, then the other people must be inferior somehow. Dunno, maybe I’m overthinking. As usual XD


      I think most people believe they’re different or like to think so at least. Individuality is such a precious thing. I don’t think “Be Different” is a turn off message—at least to me. I see that as a positive thing, but I guess some people can be content, comfortable, and happy being the “same” as everyone else. You’re just being sensitive to them 🙂


Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections

Hey – thanks for mentioning my post! This is an awesome post about rebranding. There’s so much more to it and growing your blog than I ever realized. I’ve recently thought of changing my blog’s name since it’s kind of long, but the thought of changing so much makes my head spin! Maybe someday 🙂


    Thank you for writing your insightful post! You’ll see, when you will find that it’s time to evolve in your name as well, you will! It makes my head spin, too. Oh lord!


I think all the ‘rebranding’ has to do with people getting older, and feeling like the brand they created as a teenager doesn’t fit them anymore. Styles change, and if a name is very specific you might grow out of it. I remember quite horrible nicknames I had when I was sixteen which I surely would have changed if I had started my blog in those days 😉

As for your blog: good for you! I think it’s absolutely possible to expand your personal/fashion point of view into a bigger one. A blog evolves with their writer, and your readers will evolve with you. And those who don’t can just skip the posts they don’t like, right?

Remember this from Haute Macabre last year? I’ve been a fan for years and always liked their posts, but feel like the updates are more open/sincere since this update.


    I AM GETTING OLDER????? AM I?? Hahahahah XD I guess you’re right, I had some embarassing names back in the days too…. Like my name on Myspace, God forgive me. I loved it tho, and it felt just right at the time! I just feel like the whole bizarre thing has never quite reflected what I wrote in this blog, since I am growing more and more minimal myself! So bizarre? Quite the opposite! “Spiritual and simple is better supporter” would be a better name haha!
    And about Haute Macabre… I’ve been following them from the very beginning and I honestly don’t see much of a change! I love what they post and I love Sam’s style, I love Zoetica I love everything about it and them! They’ve not changed SO MUCH! It hasn’t been much of a rebranding… just a “refining”! Thank you for your support about the change here, I don’t when it is going to happen but it will surely happen someday! Please bear with me haha!


Rebranding sounds like it can be great. I definitely think it is good to talk about what inspires and moves you, and I think it is normal for that to change over time just like you do. More power to you! xx

Steffi aka Anti.Muse

I haven’t notice there is a rebranding thing going on in the bloggosphere but I feel the same way about it as you. We are constantly changing – and so our blogs should change to. One always wants to be better and evolve. I’m thinking about changes too – it’s a long way to go – sometimes I think I will never arrive – but it’s the journey that counts 🙂 I’m looking forward to anything that is going to happen on your fabulous, fabouls blog ♥


This is right on target. Last year, about this time, I did a complete re-do of everything I had started. This year, I just want to refine what I already have. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it! Change is good. People evolve. We should all think about it positively.

xo Ashley

Mike Jones

Hi Elisa

Thanks for a useful post – I’m right in the middle of having to rebrand a bit which has meant starting fresh… those links you posted are well helpful 🙂


I saw Zoe promising some changes too. And another girl changed her banner and people are switching from Blogger to WordPress left and right etc. I actually just changed my banner too.:D I still have my old one on Google+, it’s basically the same, but less crowded… Anyhow, I think changing stuff like your domain and social media can be a lot to handle, so it does seem like a smart idea to hire someone. But then again – how badly can a person fuck these things up??:D I hope neither one of us figures that out…:)

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