Alternative Fashion Magazines

There’s an online magazine for every quirk: I find one out literally every day. Everyone wants to be their own editor in chief, interview their own style icons and flip through the pages of their own creation. Well, I’d love to but if feels like too much work, and I love my blog just as it is!

Glossy Fashion Magazines

Another big issue is that 20 something years old women don’t relate with what they find in the newsstand anymore. I think about it every time I’m at the airport: what’s the first thing you do when you have to wait for your flight? You buy a stack of magazines. I read more magazines in that tiny time frame than I do in a whole month!

Fashion magazines are crossing the lines. If you happen to belong to an alternative scene, you really have a few choices: well, you have none. Try browsing magazines in a shop: they will all look the same, and say the same things in a different way (if you’re lucky). Same ads, same faces, same models, same actresses, same singers, same graphic, same fonts, same everything!

I’m not even starting on the body image issues: just have a look at the photo right below. Ostrich-like necks, unnatural positions, boring fashion and the list goes on. Boring. On my Macbook screen you can see a Rebelicious Magazine’s page: eye candy!

Alternative Online Magazines

If you really want an alternative to fashion magazines, this is the way you have to go! I’m not talking about blogs, cause I’m sure you already know everything about them!

  • Rebelicious Magazine a cute magazine funded in 2010. You can read it for free online, download it in pdf or buy it in the flesh through the website! It has a cool graphic, and the main colour is pink, how could I not love it? (I am currently writing for their blog. Go check it out!)
  • Alt Fashion Love black lace? Corsets? Black lipstick? This is the right magazine for you. It is quite famous in the alternative world, and I managed to grab a copy at the last London Edge. I don’t like the choice of black/white and the graphic look in general, but the content is definitely worth it!  Have a look at Gothic Beauty as wel; it is a print magazine, and not an online mag like most of the alternatives magazines you can find around!

  • Coilhouse The history of online alternative magazines. Too bad it is on hiatus, and we don’t know if and when it is going to be back again! It’s written by a team of wonderful ladies including one of my favourite bloggers Zoetica Ebb; it’s bursting with big art pages, enticing colours, alternative fashion and interesting articles. Coilhouse we miss you!
  • Style Noir “The world’s largest dark style magazine”. I think the name and description say it all! They always do an accurate analysis of fashion, brands, shows, designers, trends. If it’s dark, black, minimal and obscure, you will find it on Style Noir!
  • Bizarre Magazine This one needs a chapter on its own, cause it’s not online, but it’s a magazine. Even though we share a passion for the word bizarre, their idea of bizarre goes a bit too far for me. If you ever flipped through their pages you know what I mean. I happen to have one issue in my hands, and beside a number of latex-sheathed vixens, tattoos and performers of any kind you can find deformed bodies, pages of corpses portraits, a nice wall painted in splattered brains and so on. Well, you get the point. Mainstream media usually pair up Women and Cars, Bizarre pairs up Women and Guts. A thing that you need to have to read that magazine!

  • Bella Morte Magazine  The lovely Sonja explained us what the magazine is about:
    Bella Morte is an alternative fashion magazine. We celebrate the entrepreneurs in the industry, and try to get the name of the little guy out there. We feature MUAs, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Models, Photographers, Designers, Artists, and Body Painters every issue.  We do not feature nudity, with the exception of 3 special editions we put out in Sept., which is the premise of suicide girls. Bella Morte uses highly stylized sets and would fit in as high fashion with an alt twist.
  • Auxiliary Magazine Organized, accurate, this alternative magazine provides what’s missing in the mainstream print. “That is why we’ve created Auxiliary Magazine; an online and print magazine dedicated to fashion, music, and lifestyle with a darker aesthetic.  There are no other boundaries than that.  That is the strong point of alternative culture; and we hope to include it all.” The amazing thing is that everyone can contribute: shall we give it  try? 

Do you know more alternative fashion magazines? Please share them with us!

Last but not least, with this article I don’t want to say that I don’t like some printed *mainstream* magazines: I do, and I read some of them. But sometimes I grow tired of looking at the same campaigns, fashion shows, names and columnists. I’m really upset because I love the glossy paper feeling, and I just would like to have the chance to buy the magazines that I love in paper and flesh 😉 ! (Someone did it tho: I love Hunger! It’s easy if you already own Dazed and your name is Rankin!)

What do you think about it? Do you like reading fashion magazines or  do you prefer to get updated online?


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Kelly-Ann Maddox

I like Oh Comely magazine. A little bit of fashion but also lots about arts and crafts and innovative design ideas. The articles are delicate and inspiring and the photography is lovely. Also, The Clothes Maiden is doing a nice online thing which is pretty similar to Oh Comely:

You mentioned Vice – I like to check out their hilarious online ‘does and don’ts’, haha!

Also, I miss The Face. But doesn’t everyone?


Oh thank you Kelly I had never seen The Clothes Maiden and now I’m kind of addicted to it! Thanks a lot! Yes, Vice is really funny even if it is often a bit too nasty! XD


Thanks so much for the suggestions! I totally agree, I love a good magazine but every single advert is nothing but boring mundane same old same old, I can’t wait to take a look at the suggestions 🙂

Keri Pettit

Other alternative style magazines include those published by Media Vault Publications : The Petite Alternative; Tattoo Envy; Goomah magazines.


I really like your ideas and the links you provide, but please, get someone to proof read your work!


    Deeeheheheh I’m a non-native English speaker: I am often horrified by posts I wrote 2 months ago. I hope that means I’m getting better at it! I’ll proof read this post myself and beat myself up for its lousy quality! Thank you for pointing it out anyway!

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