How to Find Your Personal Crystal

I have always been keen on mixing fashion with my other passions. One of these are gemstones: I never wear a stone if I don’t know the meaning and the influence it might have on myself. Even if I’m crazy in love with that necklace!
Chances are that if you are choosing a specific crystal that will be the right crystal for your in that precise moment, but a bit of knowledge won’t hurt you! So let’s go through the most common gemstones you can find to enhance your look and your inner energy!

The “Eastern” way to choose your crystal is based on its colour. This is the method I am going to use in this post.

  • Crystals powers have a lot to do with their colours.


I’m starting with pink because it’s my signature color and I love pink stones! The most common pink gems is the pink quartz or rose quartz: it is known as the love stone, because who wears it feels a sense of self-worth which helps finding love and maintaining healthy relationships. It gives you inner peace and it is a rejuvenator for the skin.

 il_570xN.470190941_mk4d  pink-quartz


Purple is the color of peace of mind, meditation, spirituality, creativity and inspiration. One of my favourite gems is amethyst: it has a strong healing power, it helps with headaches, and it helps overcoming fears and cravings. The word comes from Ancient Greek and it means “without drunkness”: wearing an amethyst pendant will help you avoid drunkness and keeping a sober mind.

I am crazy in love with Audrey Kitching line of pendants and rocks in general, Crystal Cactus. Have a look at the amazing Amethyst Quartz Points !


Red is the colour of passion, energy, vitality and lus. It can also mean danger, so it’s better to not use too many red stones. The characteristic of red gems are bringing courage to the wearer, enhance will power, stimulate vitality and energy. Ruby is the most known red gem, and it is the most powerful gem on Earth. It has to be a bright red, because if it’s too pink then it’s a pink sapphire and if it is more on the violet shade, it is a violet sapphire. Wear it far from the solar plexus because it can be disquieting on this chakra point.

 ruby  amethyst


Green is the most restful color. It brings calm, fertility, well-being and balance. Green gemstones are used to attract money, wealth and prosperity. Aventurine is considered to be the stone of luck and chance, and it is also a heart chakra stone. Jade can be used for attracting love, money or for protection. Malachite is a wonderful green stone as well, but be careful when you wear it: it reflects and amplifies your own feelings, so if you feel negative, don’t wear it.

There’s an overabundance of Etsy links because I thinks it is the best place to find this kind of cheap yet powerful rocks like quartz. I love “plumbing the depths” of its auctions to find the most peculiar stuff!


Yellow is the color of intellectual and creative energy. It enhances your focus, clarity, awareness and it protects you from depression. My favourite yellow gemstone is citrine, which is a quartz. Citrine‘s healing power includes helping with digestion problems and it is beneficial to the endocrine system. It is used to calm distressd states of mind. Wearing a citrine will give you joy, love and focus.

 jade  quartzs


Blue is the color of sincerity, calm, heaven, truth, moderation. Blue gems are useful to increase communication, and to give you a different perspective on something. Wear blue gemstones to help with communication with other people and to give you a stable and calm feeling. Some blue gems are lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, blue quartz and sodalite.


Black is the color of mystery, it is the absence of light, it is the color of resilience. Black has always been associated with fear, evil and darkness also because of its opposition with white, which is the “color of all colors”. Black gemstones are the stones of protection, resilience and self-control. One of my favourite stones is black tourmaline: wearing a black tourmaline can help you with negative energies and “emissions” . It is suggested to wear it when travelling, or to keep a black tourmaline next to your computer or tv. (Purify this stone under running water every once in a while, otherwise it will literally crack into pieces for energies overload!)

  • Choose wisely if you are a black addicted. Black stones can be dangerous, more than the other ones!
 turquoise  tourmaline


A special mention must be done for diamonds. It is the hardest rock on Earth and it has many mystical powers: it brings longevity, balance, clarity, self-confidence and it amplifies one’s thoughts and feelings. It increases the strengths of other gems, especially emerald and amethyst. It is known for its protection powers, and besides giving longevity to relationships, that’s the reason why it is given to lovers and friends: giving it to a person you love revives its natural mystical power. It has always been known as a powerful and precious stone since Ancient Romans time, it is in fact very expensive. You can nonetheless find cheap diamonds on line, for example on the site My Jewelry Box; it’s perfect if you prefer an elegant look for your jewelry instead of the unpolished and “wild” look raw stones give to the wearer.  My Jewelry Box carries a lot of engagement rings, pendants and a lot of other precious stones as well, not only diamonds!

Which crystals do you usually wear? Which are your favourite gemstones?


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I always loved anything “aurora”.. Kind of like an opal but clear. In good lighting it reflects pink, orange, purple and blue. Very similar to how a clear crystal shines but with a hint of pink. I’m pretty sure most are synthetic but none the less I was always attracted to it since childhood and I have few necklaces with these as accents on the pendant.
Here’s one I like to wear pretty often! The gem in on the wings (the fairy looks like shes on her cell phone)


    Haha this is very cute! I do like this kind of “polished” gemstones, but my love will always be for “raw looking” ones! I just love the idea they look almost like they would in nature, and I feel like they’re more “powerful” if left to they’re primitive shape. I was just wondering, how does a diamond look when it is raw? XD

Rachel Dahl

I do like Audrey too, especially because she’s a naturalist, from food to clothing. One nutritionist told me a story about a friend of hers visiting her parents’ farm one day. Their horse was tugging on her friend’s shirt exactly where the crystal necklace was around her neck. The necklace was buried underneath her shirt, so no one could see it. It seemed like the horse sensed that it was there.

I really would like to purchase at least one, but I want to make sure that it’s guaranteed pure and cruelty free.


    Yes, she’s amazing! Despite the fact she’s a model, a style icon, a socialité and so on she still can stay true to herself I really look up to her! She’s down to earth and she looks like a wonderful person. <3 I'm sure her products are cruelty free, they're crystal after all anyway! She's a vegan as well, so!

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