We Finally Have a Domain: styleBizarre.com

November 5, 2010

Good morning bizarres! As you can see, the address of this blog is now a proper domain, www.stylebizarre.com! The transition caused me some troubles, all the comments on posts and the links to the blogs I followed disappeared! I’m now re-adding the links, but I can’t do anything for the comments 🙁 Anyway, welcome to […]

Alex Box: the Best Make-Up Artist

November 4, 2010

Alex Box. Did you know she’s a woman? Well, she is! She’s a powerful and wonderful woman, you’d think she’s got brushes and not finders by watching her works. She’s in fact a famous free lance makeup artist, you can see by yourself how talented she is. She’s a fashion mua, that means she does […]

Fashion Rehab: How to Stop Compulsive Shopping

November 4, 2010

Yes I know, it’s pretty common these days to take the “no shopping for tot days” pledge… but it looks like it’s a necessity for lots of us! I obviously have a serious problem: I can’t save any money at all, nor for buying myself a designer piece or something… I just spend everything I […]

Fashion Illustration Anti-Christ: Achraf Amiri

October 30, 2010

You can’t say a blog is a fashion blog if you don’t mention Achraf Amiri: I’ve always loved fashion illustration, but I’ve always felt something was missing. This artist really says it all about fashion illustration (and fashion), he adds his personal opinion and very personal comment to each brand, each designer, each fashion statement: […]

Everything Starts Here

Once upon a time… Everything started from a Tumblr blog I saw in 2009 year ago. I decided to open one myself, it was mostly a journal, a collection, a scrapbook, giving vent to my passions. Then it become something more: I’ve started to make mine everything that was able to feed my news hunger, […]

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