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January 20, 2014

Or die trying. Omahyra must be one of the coolest alternative models I’ve ever seen; I think she’s the best at pulling off weird outfits, crazy haircuts and creepy make up without looking ridiculous ever, and always be charming as f$%k. Excuse my French. I had this epiphany yesterday where I stumbled across a photo with a very feminine male model,  and a gorgeous square faced short haired woman –  were getting down to business. It happened to be Ellen Von Unwerth‘s book “Omahyra and Boyd”: those pictures make you hold your breath.  Saying that Omahyra is androgynous is an understatement. She’s the fucking queen of androgyny.


Omahyra Mota Style

Mix Tank Girl, Cat Woman and Lenny Kravitz. Sprinkle everything with a bunch of cool tattoos and put in the oven for 29 years: serve hot! Yes, that’s how cool she is, on the catwalk and in the real life! She also has a beautiful daughter (pictured in the first photo of this post). She’s often seen in total black, and that’s how most of the designers and stylist “uses” her on the catwalk and editorials. That’s her image: a punk tomboy, and androgynous splendid being who can impersonate lot of roles, no matter the gender.


Now, do you recognize her? Yes, she’s been quite the star of several fashion shows, but she’s also an actress. My mind was blown when I realized I had already seen her in X-Men: The Last Stand. Yes, she is that hot tattooed mutant from the villain team guided by Magneto: Arclight. Sweet!

5 Things You Need to get Omahyra Mota Style

1. Pixie Hair Cut – If you look good in short haircuts, that goes without saying! Look at how this girl gives herself a pixie cut: I can’t think of anything more punk than cutting your own hair from that long to that short!

2. Cool Earrings & Necklaces – With a cut that short you absolutely need some great earrings! Same goes for necklaces. You are always showing your neck so go for something really strong! Cheap but cool stud earringsBlack + Gold Safety Pin Earrings – Series of Safety Pin Square EarringsTwisted Chain NecklaceMultilayer Alloy Film NecklaceGlam Punk Spike Necklace from Boticca

3. Black Kajal – If there’s something that looks amazing with super short hair is a deep and mysterious black eye make-up. Check this video on how to apply black eye liner and get yourself a proper black kajal (this is from one of my favorite organic make up brands, Benecos!) and some serious palettes (Naked 3 and Smoked Eyeshadow Palette both by Urban Decay).

4. A Black Cape – Go back to the top of this page and check how cool that cape looks. (the one I linked is by Stella McCartney. For my vegan friends out there, Stella McCartney is known to use a cruelty free wool). Have a look at this coat from Vaute Couture: not really a cape but it perfectly matches the style we’re going after! (man, finding a cape not made from wool is impossible! You might as well sew one with the fabric of your choice following this easy diy!)

5. Statement T Shirts – With a look that masculine, you are going to need a ton of t-shirts! The blacker, the better. Of course. Check these out: Bandana T-shirtLed Zeppelin Cool T-shirtAlternative Rolling Stones T-shirt

How do you like Omahyra Mota style? Did you know her before? What do you think of the androgynous *trend* in fashion? Let us know in the comments below!


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I love the trend towards androgyny. I think it points to nonstandard sexuality and gender identity becoming more accepted and mainstream. 🙂


HOW COOL IS SHE!? I can’t pull off the androgynous thing to save my life (big boobs kill it..) but man, does she look great doing it.

xo Ashley

Heidi // Frantic But Fabulous

I’d never be able to pull off this kind of look, but Omahyra is totally making it work. Talk about owning your style!


I could never get away with it (or look half as cool as Omahyra Mota) but I love it!

Corinne xo


    And yet there’s someone who thinks she’s not that cool! I don’t get it, look how on point she is. Ha!

Dulce Guillen

I love omahyra style I all ways follower her I think she is a great model an actress in love with her


    Uhuhu you’re not the one to be in love with her! Such a great Woman!

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