Is Nu Goth Staying?

August 1, 2013

Nu Goth is not about Goth. Nu Goth is sure about black, but also about pastel colors and pink hair. Nu Goth is a sort of pseudo gothic. Nu Goth doesn’t look like a grown up goth style, even though it could be the point where an ex goth, ex cybergoth, ex glam, ex gothic lolita, ex whatever gets to, sooner or later. How do you sum up all these styles that you have loved and experimented in your life? What if you still love them all? Nu Goth seems like a legit compromise, a bridge thrown between deep and overwhelming subcultures and the real world. Oh well, the real world of unicorns of course.
Teehee did I get you hooked with this post intro? No? Oh well, keep reading anyway, you might like it!

Nu Goth Style

No surprise this style is also labeled as pastel goth or creepy cute. It is basically a mix of grunge, hipster, casual goth and some occasional trends (from the 90s mostly haha). It is a lot about symbols: plenty of pentacles, crosses, upside down crosses, unicorns, evil cats, triangles, traingles and triangles. Did I mention triangles?
You can obviously find tons of black, otherwise we wouldn’t even bother calling it goth, but you can also find lots of pastels, especially in hairdyes. Or sweaters. I know, goths don’t wear sweaters, but grunge kids and generally in the 90s they were raging, so nu goths inherited this trend. And huge round John Lennon-like sunglasses. And awkward hats. God knows why!


I know I chose two men; yes, I’m funny like that! And if you don’t know that the middle one is a man, go read about him!  And if you do not know who the first one is, there’s a special place in hell for you.

I think it all started with Wednesday Addams kind of dresses.

I’m literally tripping among unicorns, stars and rainbow vomit because of all these websites about nu goth. I think I’m loving this style more than before!

Nu Goth Icons

Felice Fawn is officially the nu goth icon, but I don’t understand why. She doesn’t have much pastel or cuteness about her look, so I wouldn’t take her as an example.  I think that Charlotte Free can be used as a reference, instead. Don’t look at her modeling work (obviously) but have a look at her personal social networks like Instagram .


Wonderland HaruFancy GiraffeYinamiKenny Lou

I mean, if you look for “nu goth” on Tumblr or Pinterest you will find plenty of pastel “starlettes” adorning themselves with crosses and bats, but it’s really hard to know who they are. People on the internet are worse than ever, as soon as there’s a fad, they forget about crediting! I’d really love to know who some of them are.

Nu Goth Brands

Unif, almost anything from Asos really, loots of stuff you find on Dolls Kill, Nasty Gal, Nikki Lipstick (which was a creepy cute princess at the beginning of her online life, selling pasties of her creation, who just lately turned herself and her brand into a business! Wow!) .

Nu Goth Music

Uh-oh! I bet you real goths do not want to hear about that, do you? Well I’m not going to talk about Siouxsie and The Banshees or Christian Death here, cause this is not what it’s all about. Nu Goth is mostly about the look really, it hasn’t been born from music, but from a pot pourri of styles we can’t even tell! If I had to label some music artists nu goths, I’d say Grimes is. She is actually amazing and I love her music, and the general atmosphere of her sound reminds me of the dreamy unicorn-y world of pastel goths.


And Icona Pop. There, I said it! Have you seen their look in their latest video Girlfriend? Don’t wrinkle your nose, nu goth is about trends. It’s trendy. Deal with it!

In the end, Nu Goth is just a fashion fad which is amazing to play with. And as always, if you have a bit of a “obscure” past to give it some meaning, so much the better!

Do you like nu goth? What do you think woul be the age to rock this style? Do you think you can be a nu goth having been a goth in the past?


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I don’t really get it. It looks like “Gothic” Lolita and Korean street fashion exploded inside a Forever 21. To be honest, there doesn’t appear to be much that sets it apart from the other fashion trends it appears to be leaning on, so I don’t expect much longevity of this “pastel” trend. It just makes me think of Kerli’s snow babies lol.


    It looks like “Gothic” Lolita and Korean street fashion exploded inside a Forever 21.

    hahahah that’s a cool description of the phenomenon, too XD It actually is something that must be taken note of, cause it’s been around for a couple of years now, and more often than not there are look and people that you just can’t call any other name. Thank god is pastel goth and not neon goth, or else we would have cybergoths deformed babies all over the place! XD


Newer generations re-appropriate everything to the point of emptiness (joy division for example). I suspect that’s a norm in the pop-culture world.
Back in the 90’s I really admired Courtney Love’s (Hole era) “kinderwhore” style. I grew up attempting to mix that style with my love for deathrock… quite weird. 😛
I think the Goth movement stands for creative reinventions. Even men wore dresses (think Virgin Prunes).
This being said, I really love nu-goth style. I may not be fond of pastel colors in my wardrobe but I like the mix of Japan’s cute street style and western witchy vibes.


    I like the mix of Japan’s cute street style and western witchy vibes.

    This is another amazing way to define it! I love it, too. It’s always good experimenting with styles, mixing them together and all in all, having fun! There’s no point in setting useless boundaries!
    p.s.: i love Courtney Love style in the 90s! She could just pull a stupid white dress and look amazing!


I totally love the way the new generation decided to “remix” the goth world! Taking out all the gloominess, the heavy-ness and the infinite sobbing of goths everywhere, they decided to save the mystic aspects of it all and accessorize it with cuteness and random kawai-ness! it’s fresh and unique in my opinion, even if frankly i wouldn’t be caught dead in those outfits =)

Actually i think there are two definite new gothic sub-trends: the pastel-goth one [the “a pink unicorn on xanax puked galaxies on me” one] and the super high fashion minimalistic one [the “i can be easily mistaken for a Termini hobo but i swear everything is by Rick Owens” one].
It’s quite easy to guess which one i prefer, but still are they both called nu goth? Is that even possible? They both incorporate some “trad goth” elements – especially the latter imho – but they are both very very far from the good old fishnets-crosses-eyeliner days!! =)

Isabel, Style Geek

“Nu Goth is a sort of pseudo gothic… Nu Goth seems like a legit compromise, a bridge thrown between deep and overwhelming subcultures and the real world.”

You hit my feelings for Nu Goth right on the head in your first paragraph. NG takes parts of Goth and makes a trend. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t super-Goth-y people who wear the trend, after all it’s readily available in stores. I’m just saying that five years from now some NG’s will probably not be expressing themselves so darkly.

Aside from that, I 100% agree with Viruella – I love how easily I can get “the mix of Japan’s cute street style and western witchy vibes.”

Danii Decay

Im a 23 yr old Goth in the midst of losing my identity via multiple issues one of which being the fact im growig up… ive always been a goth at heart even from a young age but it wasnt until i was about 16 that i started to express myself through my appearance. 7 years later, working as a tattoo artist in the one of the hotest states in australia,making it near on impossible to wear my usual victorian era Restyle and Blacklist dresses with 6inch Demonia Platforms without melting to death as well as the need to not scare off clients with my overly extravagant eye makeup,im finding NG to be a refreshing style to uphold!! Granted i have just started to pull of this look to only wearing false lashes with a touch of eyeliner and bold lipstick simple black dresses and massive sunnies etc but i look stunning and i feel youthful. I still love my Victorian gothic self but more so for going out… in winter… lol!

In relation to the general mindset and interests of NG as opposed to trad Goths… every blog ive read has unfortunatly been incredibly biased and simply stated that NGs arent into anything gothic at all… just the appearance. But guess what… i HATE almost all black or death metal, im a 90s child and love pearl jam and nirvana but more so i love 70s and 80s music from pink floyd to tool to fucking elton john! Your style does not define who you are as an individual nor your interests in life. I have a very dark mindset in most cases,i only love black clothes, alternative stuff, im only attrCted to goth men with long hair… but im still a little fluffy kitten trying to escape lol

Love the write up btw xx


    Yes Danii, at the end of the day everyone should be alowed ot do the fuck he/she wants! I mean, there are a lot of problems in our lives, why should we deal with all this “gothier than thou” bullshit? You are absolutely right about everything and I’m happy that you have found a way to express yourself and dress as you like without sweating yourself to death ! It’s a good compromise. I love it. You love it. We’re all happy! Thank you for your comment 😀


This is absolutly not nu goth, it’s just pastel goth. Nu goth clothes are all the most of time black no pink. It’s more inspired from Wednesday Addams look, The Craft, and black magic world.


    Oh so is there a clear distinction between the two? They’re just trends that will maybe evolve into a definite clothing style, but until then, it is a process and we are just trying to understand it! Think about the 70/80s goths: they looked a lot like punk people only wearing black. The line is so thin! What is nu-goth for you? Please feel free to add your thoughts and knowledge to the conversation! 🙂


      Pastel goth come from Japanese fashion, with cute pink bats, it’s more like kawaii with dark colours or creepy prints in colour. Like what you said just before nu goth is more like “old” goth like 70/80. Nu goth can have coloured hair and sometimes colours in the clothes but the base must be black. One of the icon of nu goth is Lydia Deetz in model you can look to Kelsey Munster and Victoria Campbell And sory for my bad english !


this is not nu goth you have no idea


one of them is creepy cute and the other is pastel goth XD


The examples you posted aren’t NuGoth… at all. There is a clear distinction between Pastel Goth (1,3,4), Creepy Cute (2), Soft Grunge (the combination pic) and NuGoth. The 3rd picture is the closest one you have to the NuGoth style, but it’s still not quite right. Like Rozen said, for the most part, a NuGoth outfit is almost entirely black, no pastel colors (except, maybe the hair). When there are occult symbols or accent colors (semi-rare) involved, those are usually white, dark red, or dark purple. There’s also a lot of lace, velvet, black (generally ripped) tights, garter belts, roses (black, red, white, and occasionally pink used as flower crowns, or garter belt accents), mesh, fishnets, skirts or short skirts, Demonia boots/combat boots/Docs, chokers, black beanies, thigh high socks, sheer blouses/maxi skirts/dresses with fancy bralettes + high waisted black undergarments, silver spikes/crosses, round sunglasses, and oversized sweaters involved with the fashion. Actually, that is the general picture. Again, you won’t find too many NuGoths wearing a lot of color, or anything too “kawaii.” NuGoth is darker than you think. Tbh, I consider it a convenient & affordable way to dress goth, especially if you don’t have the skill for making your own clothes like the Trads. I mean, let’s be honest, this lifestyle (depending on your specific goth type) isn’t cheap.


Most of these examples seem to be pastel goth tbh. Still, both nugoth and pastel are really good for more casual days! I love gothic lolita, but when I don’t feel like (or can’t) wear petticoats and mad amounts of layers this is a good alternative – good for summer especially. This looks like a cheaper style to wear but strangely I’ve spent more money on my nugoth than my gothic lolita wardrobe. I think, like a lot of instagram inspired fashion, this style relies heavily on having ‘in’ brands (KillStar, Restyle, Demonia mostly) that can very expensive for what they are (like $80 NZD for a basic t-shirt?? Chill, Killstar).

Respect Goths

Goth of all types is for all ages. It’s about who you are as an individual.

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