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How to Get an Ethical Wardrobe

This week’s Links à la Mode roundup is overflowing with interesting articles. I’m particularly pleased there are quite a few that point in the direction of a more ethical wardrobe: this includes our recent article on FETCH Eyewear and the Top 15 Ethical Companies. If you’re looking for a way to give back to people, […]

Summer Hot Links Roundup

Hot Links for Summer Clearly, everyone around here is ready for warm weather. We’ve got kimono-inspired wraps, turbans, sunglasses, and sundresses, just to mention a few topics on the blogging radar this week. Where I live (San Francisco) it just gets cold and foggy in the summer, so I’m living vicariously through all of your summer wardrobe and […]

Fashion, Ethics and Productivity Roundup

Met Ball Mania The Met Gala dominated fashion news this week, and IFB sites took full advantage of the opportunity for great content. From best-of looks to illustrations of red carpet moments, the ball of the year was covered. We also had some interesting designer interviews, and musings on fashion and ethics. Read them all […]

Variegated Blogosphere Roundup

Lists à la Mode This week, IFB members made a lot of lists. It’s not that surprising—bloggers are known for making lists. But among this week’s submissions, I was impressed by the spectrum of topics featured, from 3 ways to wear a white shirt, to 4 Kentucky Derby looks to 20 ways to wear short […]

Ready for Spring?

Spring Denim à la Mode IFB bloggers are ready for spring, that much is clear. Unfortunately, the weather is not acting very spring-like in many of the locales where our bloggers reside. But we have some tricks up our sleeves. Spring makeup works even if it’s only 49 degrees outside, and light colored denim (a […]

With Spring Come Colors

Color à la Mode The theme for this week’s Links à la Mode is COLOR. From gorgeous spring hues to monochrome in the form of leather on white to completely unexpected colored combos like gray and gold, you’re in for an eye-full this week! We even have a post dedicated to the psychology of color […]

Spring Blogging Roundup

Spring Blogging Spring is the thing this week at IFB. Bloggers are talking about everything from spring makeup to interiors to bucket lists—oh, and of course spring style. Thank goodness, because I’m ready for some serious closet cleaning and a fresh spring look. Weddings are also on the horizon and on bloggers minds. And as […]

Round up from the Blogosphere

Beautiful Bloggers This week, IFB bloggers had beauty on the brain! From amazing Dutch braids to Disney-inspired nail color to luxury products on a budget, you’re covered in the beauty department for any special events you might have coming up this spring. Final reports from the runways are also trickling in, and also look for […]

Step Up Your Style Game Roundup

February 13, 2015

You Will Be Mine Whether you love Valentine’s Day or HATE it… my experience is that having someone to call a “Valentine” doesn’t really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, you can’t avoid it, even if you tried. So if you […]

Back to the Blogosphere

January 30, 2015

Busy Bloggers January is such a serious month. Back to business. Start new things. Conquer the world. You know, regular stuff. This week we have an excellent roundup of tips on how to improve your blog, and look your best while you’re at it. So when you finally become the ruler of the known blogiverse… […]

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