No-Knit Slouchy Beanie Hat Tutorial

December 3, 2014

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

Here we go again. Tis the season to wear beanie hats, and you still haven’t found the perfect shape. I’ve been struggling with hats my whole life.
Hats don’t want to stick on my head. They will slide off after minutes from sticking ’em on, they will either be too big or don’t fit at all.

Is your head a stubborn rebel too? If you don’t want to freeze throughout the Winter, you may have to go the DIY way.
Sew your own beanie hat so you can finally have the perfect fit for your noddle.

It’s a Sad World for Knitting Haters

I know, when you look for beanie hats patterns all you find is a lot of knitting patterns. But what if you don’t knit? I hear you, I don’t either. There’s no way in hell I’ll ever sit down and fiddle with two sharp things until I get something that looks like something done. I know, patience is no quality of mine. I want the perfect hat, and I want it now.
But don’t worry, you can have your own knit beanie hat leaving out the knitting part. How? You just have to scour your wardrobe, your local thrift store or a second-hand market to find the right sweater to cut up. Sacrificing an old sweater to give life to the perfect beanie is no sacrifice at all.

How to Sew Your Own Beanie Hat

Actually, this tutorial involves a very little sewing. You don’t have to be a seamstress to create your perfect beanie hat. You just have to measure your head and maybe try a couple of times.
If your first beanie hat is not the shape you wanted, try a second time. For this very reason I think you better try with a sweater you don’t like so much. Keep your favourite find for when you’re skilled enough!
Follow my no-knit slouchy beanie hat tutorial step by step to get the perfect result at the first try.

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No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

No-Knit Beanie TutorialWhat You Will Need:


  • an old knit sweater
  • a pair of scissors
  • pins
  • needle and thread (plus a thick thread)
  • Optional: a sewing machine





1. Start by cutting out the waist band of your old sweater. Wrap it around your head so you have the right measure. Take it off and sew it, wrong side out. Place your band on the sweater, or measure it.

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

2. Now place your pins in order to cut your fabric. The length will have to be one half more than the band length (to create slouchiness). The vertical length of the hat is up to you: more than 10 inches for a very slouchy hat, less than 10 inches for less slouchiness.
Cut the rectangle out and sew along the pins, wrong side out (use a sewing machine to do this faster.)

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

3. Now turn the striped fabric inside out so that the right side is out. Turn the band inside out so that the wrong side is out. Make the right sides of both pieces touch.
Insert the striped fabric inside the band, line your vertical seams and start pinning away. Evenly distribute the fabric. (That’s how it’s done: place a pin, then stretch the fabric and place another one on the opposite side. Now keep stretching and placing pins in the middle between two pins until you have something that looks like the picture below.)

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

4. Now sew along on your sewing machine. You can either sew your hat by keeping the pins above and the band outside (picture above) or you can turn your hat inside out and sew with your fabric outside and the band on the inside (picture below).
I used the second method because I feel I can easily distribute the fabric and keep everything under control this way.
Important: stretch the fabric while sewing. Also, I used a zig-zag seam to allow more stretchiness.

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

5. Now you have something that looks like the picture above. A slouchy rectangle.
You need to close it, so take a thick thread and a needle and start piercing the fabric like shown below (turn your hat inside out so that the wrong side is outside). When you’ve gone all the way around, pull your thread on both ends and make a tight knot.

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

6. Turn your hat inside out. You’re done! There’s one more optional step: I folded the black band on the inside and sewed it because it was too wide. It looks much better now!

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

The results:

No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial No-Knit Beanie Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed my no-knit beanie tutorial. I love recycling old things. It’s so good for your pockets, the planet and for your creativity, too! If you used this tutorial, please share your own beanie hats below. I’d love to see what you come up with! 

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It’s official, you are a genius! This hat is beyond awesome!


    Haha thank you darling! I’m not a genius, I just have the will to go and create things. You totally can too 😀


This is amazing, can’t believe you made it yourself! It doesn’t look too hard to do either!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


Thank you Alice darling I’m glad you like it! You can totally try to make one for yourself, I’d love to see the outcome ;D


The hat is so cute!


Haha this was so cute! Now I know how to make my own 🙂 Thanks! And congrats on making the roundup.


Good Day Elisa !!
I put my info in and pressed the get your tutorial and pattern,, but never received them,, just a welcome response????
I love the hat and was looking forward to making one 🙁


Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!!
I am 65 and going thru chemo for lung cancer this time. The first was when I was 39 for breast cancer.
I love to look nice, for myself. After losing my waist length blonde/gray hair it was time for head coverings. When I saw your page I was thrilled!
It feels great and looks great thank you so very much.

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