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January 11, 2012

Did you think you could escape this kind of posts once I’ve moved in this town?? Of course not! Being chillin’ around in the first days of my new London life, I discovered new places (ok, it was all new to me, so this doesn’t count) and I really wish to share them with you!

Fancy some tea houses, shops and funny places? Here we go!

The Chill Out Tea House

33, Parkway Street, Camden Town

A nice tea bar with a boho feeling, right in the heart of fancy Camden Town. I can’t remember the name, but as soon as you see it, you’ll know it’s it! A nice design, with old different sofas, little tables and granny chairs, with a nice light and a friendly staff!  The teas are awesome: you can choose from a variety of Black, Green, Red and White teas and herbal teas, and among many sweet and salty foods!

Plus: there is a wi-fi connection working, you can use it right after asking for the free login card at the counter!

The Cute Little Coffee Shop

“Delicatessen”, 193, Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town

This is a cute little bar you wouldn’t even notice if you aren’t desperately looking for true coffee (as I was obviously doing!!). It’s ran by a sweet elderly couple, and here you can drink a real cup of Espresso coffee, and it really tastes delicious as stated on the sign just outside the shop! They also cook tasty “fast food” like salads and sandwiches (healthy ones, with fresh tomatoes and basil!) and awesome cakes!

Cherry on top: they have a wide selection of Portoguese wines in the cellar of the shop!!

The Japanese Piece of Heaven

“Go Chisou”, 3, Princess Street,  Oxford Circus

A little piece of heaven and relax just round the corner of the frantic Regent Street. Needless to say the staff is one of a kind, the food is delicious and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to eat it at the lunch counter and see the chef making sushi! I strongly recommend the Miso Katsu Ramen.

Average price: 20 £ each or more

The Nice Place to Stuffa your Face

“Bar Pizzeria Pappagone”, 131, Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park or Crouch Hill

Ok, that’s not because I am Italian and I miss Italian food (mmh, almost!). If you are looking for a slice of pizza or a slice of Italy itself, that’s the place you have to go! You’ll be greeted by an Italian waiter, and by an Italian typical loud chatting! You can have a true Spritz (with Campari, not just soda and wine!) at the bar counter while waiting for a table (something you will have to do if you don’t book in advance, they’re always full of people!) and then taste a wonderful pasta and a tasty pizza!

Tidbit: ask the Carbonara without cream. That’s the true Italian recipe, don’t ruin it with cream!

The Quiet Place on the Corner

“I love Soho”, 5, Brewer Street, Charing Cross

If you want to spend a quality half an hour, don’t hesitate and go through that door! You will find awesome books, most of about art, fashion, make-up, music and erotic art. That place is exactly what I would do on an average Friday afternoon: I’d go to I <3 Soho, stay a couple of hours, buy a few books and then just go round the corner in Manette Street. Here you will find a funny looking pub with a red entrance. I would totally sit there, have a beer and read my new books!

Now, wait for the #2 and #3 to know more about the Winter Wonderland and the awesome market and vintage stalls around London!

Do you have some tasty places to recommend to us? Please comment and let us know! 😀


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For Those About To Shop

I love the names of these places. Thank you so much for sharing. This summer I’m visiting my sister who lives in London and it’s nice to get a heads up on the places to chill!


Hahaha thank you for reading! I am going to post more of these favourite spots series so stay tuned! If I am still in London in summer we could even catch up! 😀

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