Macramé Is The New Black

May 14, 2013

What the hell is macramé? In short: instead of weaving and knitting, you knot. You don’t use threads, you use cords. It traditionally is cotton, linen, hemp but it can be any thick yarn really. The classic look is that of a loose knitted “openwork”, and it screams summer from all of its knots!

When I was a child back in the 90s I used to have plenty of macramé pieces of clothing. I loved it! Macramé, tricot and basically everything with holes in it. I still have that addiction, and now I’m always on the hunt for devoré and the like, but this summer I’m especially fascinated by macramé.

Everything started from a visit to All Saints last summer: I really wanted one of those dresses but I was dead broke and couldn’t therefore afford it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the picture of the awesome macramé skeleton dress, it was around £ 70 and it’s one of those things you regret for not buying!

The only downside to macramé is that is often really expensive. It’s hand knot afterall and class it’s not cheap!

Eleanor Amoroso made of macramé her forte

You can find London based Eleanor Amoroso’s works on Not Just a Label, this is what they say about her:

” […] The brand encompasses modern elegance with a tough, darker side with perhaps the most intriguing thing being the fact that each piece is made entirely by hand and not machine. Her work has previously been described as a ‘commemoration of the forgotten art of craftsmanship’ and has already been featured on the cover of Volt Magazine worn by model Alice Dellal, just months after graduating. […] Inspired by dramatic contemporary design, she has developed her own unique technique of making garments from long lengths of fringing and using macramé techniques to create innovative knits. She has modernised an ancient craft, which she will continue to develop further in her future work. “

Get macra-mad!

Since it’s a hand technique, you can totally do it yourself. Have a look:

Do you love macramé? Have you got any macramé piece of clothing or accessories? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion!


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see you monday

Hi Elisha, I am fun of your fashion blog. I like black for my own fashion choices. That’s dress you shown up is really great. Thanks so much for this.


I always love looking at big, chunky knitted pieces, they have such great texture and depth, regardless of the fabric used.


Hey Elisa!

LOVE your blog! Do you have any patterns/designs/how-to’s on making macrame sandals? I’ve got some soles and want to create some sweet macrame uppers to cover the top of the foot.

Keep the beauty comin’!

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