Links à la Mode February 20th: FW Round Up

February 20, 2014



With New York and London Fashion Weeks all over, and as we head into Milan and Paris, excitement for the fall is all a buzz on the internet. Of course it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the fashion fabulousness, so that’s why we’re here to help! This week we have some excellent recaps of NYFW and even a NYFW vs. LFW street style walk-off! It’s pretty hard to choose between the two, both being sooo good. If you’re already burnt out from the fashion week talk, we do have some excellent style posts too, so check them out!

Links à la Mode: February 20th

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Yup. You’re right. I’m frigging fed up with it!!:D That men behind the lens post is cool, I’ve always wondered who takes their pictures.

But hey, nobody calls me a psycho and just walks away!!!!:P


Well done for getting in the links! I was featured the other week but didn’t read the rules properly that I had to post about the link up if I was featured and now I can’t enter again. Doom!

Corinne x


Great interesting links! Thanks for sharing!
Take care
(Ps: do you have a blog button I can link up to my blog?!)

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