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Being an expat in Mexico: Dia de los Muertos

November 1, 2015

Halloween is finally here and you are preparing your last minute costume. A quick scroll on the Internet and Instagram and the decision is made: let’s paint our faces as “Mexican skulls”! Beautiful, coloured and charming, Mexican skulls or, to be precise, Catrinas, have become more and more popular in last few years, also thanks to […]

Top 5 Cheap Holidays Destination for New Year’s Eve

September 29, 2015

Summer is over (booo!) and hopefully you’ve spent some time living it up at a festival or showing off a new killer bikini on some exotic beach. Now it’s time to think about plans for the autumn and winter months ahead. New Year’s Eve always comes around so quickly, leaving no time to actually arrange something good […]

5 Days in Marrakech

July 1, 2015

I’m so glad when I’m the one updating the Travels category! I love travelling, especially when it’s to places and cultures that are very different from mine. This time I headed to Morocco, and I couldn’t be happier of my choice. Well, it wasn’t really a “choice”: I went to Marrakech to visit a friend […]

Late Holidays in Sithonia

October 5, 2014

September is probably the best month to take a trip to Sithonia. It’s less crowded, the weather is amazing and the roads are empty. It’s heaven! I only stayed one week but I’ve made the most out of it. I’ll tell you about it in this post. If you’re planning a vacation in Greece, drop […]

My Favourite Spots in London

January 11, 2012

Did you think you could escape this kind of posts once I’ve moved in this town?? Of course not! Being chillin’ around in the first days of my new London life, I discovered new places (ok, it was all new to me, so this doesn’t count) and I really wish to share them with you! […]