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How to Turn your Daydreams into Reality

For those who think visualization is just for psychics and yogis, you would be wrong. Seriously, crazy wrong! Ever heard of daydreaming? Well, this is a form of visualization. You remove yourself from the current reality and propel yourself into a much more desired space. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t get through some of our […]

Why I Loved Hitting Rock Bottom

January 29, 2015

Disclaimer: I have never shared something so personal on this blog. Please handle with care 🙂 Elisa Hitting rock bottom can mean different things to people. For someone it could be going through a divorce, for someone else it could be living out of a car for two years, or getting cancer. I’m not going to […]

Spiritual Fashion for Modern Girls

Have you noticed that fashion has undergone a major spiritual facelift over the last few years? It’s not just in yoga studios as you might think. It’s everywhere. It’s all over the blogosphere, it’s in every Pinterest fashion board, it has conquered nine Instagram accounts out of ten. I’m serious. It’s a spiritual fashion revolution! As you […]

Why I Stopped Buying Women’s Magazines

November 2, 2014

I don’t always buy women’s magazine, but when I do I wish I didn’t. I hadn’t bought a magazine in months, but yesterday I suddenly gave in. Those magazines looked so beautiful, so glossy and enticing. I had to buy a couple. As soon as I went home and flipped through the pages, I started wishing […]

Late Holidays in Sithonia

October 5, 2014

September is probably the best month to take a trip to Sithonia. It’s less crowded, the weather is amazing and the roads are empty. It’s heaven! I only stayed one week but I’ve made the most out of it. I’ll tell you about it in this post. If you’re planning a vacation in Greece, drop […]

It’s a Brand New Blog

August 3, 2014

Hello my dear styleBizarre readers! We’ve been house cleaning quite a lot lately, and bringing in new furniture and home decor. Oh, you’ve already noticed you say. Well, you better have! This brand new look it’s so in-your-face that you’d be a fool to not have noticed something had changed. If you’re a new reader, […]

How to stay true to yourself

June 19, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Am I being true to myself when I follow trends?” This is a big question, and the answer could be short: there’s nothing wrong with following trends, as long as it reflects your own personality and sense of style. It’s also perfectly normal to “like” things after we see […]