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How to Rebrand Your Blog

January 6, 2014

Is it just me, or wherever I go I see people rebranding their blogs? Name changes everywhere, shifts from fashion blogging to lifestyle blogging, logo updating, graphic designers hiring like crazy! 2014 must be a year of changes, because I feel it in my veins as well. I have no longer been feeling empathy for […]

8 Ways to Feel Better Right Now

November 18, 2013

The interwebz is chock-full of articles on how to enhance your spiritual life and make your life better in the long run. “How to learn to look deep inside of you”, “how to experience lovely situations in the future”… but what about feeling better RIGHT NOW? It seems like we are so busy making our […]

How to Build an Outfit

November 4, 2013

…or the moment when I realized I had to bring work home. What do I mean? I basically build outfits as a job (well, besides ironing, washing, stitching and dealing with people like I was their therapist) and I have a technique to do so. And it works! So why on Earth had I never […]

7 Steps to Boost Your Creativity

August 9, 2012

We all get stuck sometimes: either if creativity is your job or if it’s your hobby. We all need new stuff and we’re more demanding about it, and it’s easy not being able to cope with it, giving all up it’s much easier. All of us have different ways to go through creative blocks, I’ve […]