Last Minute New Year’s Eve DIY Looks

December 27, 2014

Here it comes, the New Year’s Eve party! I bet my a$$ that 90% of you haven’t really thought about your NYE party outfit yet, isn’t it? Every year it’s the same ol’ story: “I don’t really care much about New Year’s Eve, why should I spend time let alone money on a super sparkly outfit?”
Yeah, yeah… we all tell ourselves this story. The truth is that when December 31st comes, we totally panic.
Maybe you’re invited at a friend’s house, or maybe you’re going to a fancy schmancy party and you’re stuck with your wardrobe. Your plain and simple wardrobe. Or your colourful rainbow-filled wardrobe if that’s more your thing, the point is everyone wants to be fancy at NYE.
Don’t be ashamed, it’s cool. How many other occasions do you have to dress up during the rest of the year? Don’t be a NYE Grinch. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work, NOW.

PS: Guess what? I’m sitting here, writing this post in my pajama on Christmas morning and I have no idea what I’ll wear later TODAY, let alone on New Year’s Eve. Yeah, I walk my talk. In fact, I really need my own list of last minute NYE DIY looks suggestions ;D

Last Minute NYE Outfits Ideas – Do it Yourself

If you can’t sew for the life of you, you’ll have to rely on easier DIY projects. Don’t worry, they can be very impressive too. Just go and buy a bucket of glitter and sequins NOW. You’ll need them. You’ll also need this tutorial on how to prevent glitter from falling off your pretty shimmering accessories.

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Glitter Stars Tiara – Glitter Tights

Another great idea for last minute NYE outfits is to refashion something in your wardrobe. It’s easy and you don’t need much sewing skills. Find a boring dress and make it sparkle. Cut a split in a skirt. Make a dress super sexy by cutting out the fabric on the back.

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Cut Out Mini DressDiy Lace Sleeves

If you’re on the sew-savvy side and you have some spare fabric to use, you can make your own dress for NYE. How cool is that? It doesn’t have to be very hard or complicated. Sometimes simple goes a long way, and it makes a stronger impression. Try some of the following DIY projects.

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Side Split Wrapped Bodice DressSimple Tulle Skirt Tutorial

They say that new shoes cure the blues, we say that you can make an old pair of shoes look new and feel giggly about your masterpiece all night long.

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Diy Petal SandalsGlitter Red Dorothy Shoes

NYE party little hat? Who loves them as much as we do? Too bad we don’t really have a tradition for them in my country (Italy) but I may or may not be thinking of making a bunch of it and distributing them at my NYE party. 😛

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Diy Party Hats PrintableParty Hats Pinterest Ideas

Something old, something new – something borrowed, something blue… Oh no wait, I’m thinking about the wrong celebration. Anyhow, we have a funny NYE tradition in Italy: you must wear red underwear. And it has to be new every year. Yes, you’d be surprised at how many Italian women, and unfortunately men, are wearing red undies on NYE. So go out and buy at least a small red thing. A ribbon? A collar? A bracelet? Socks? Red is good luck, even if you live in Australia (plus, if you’re into chakras you’ll know that red is the colour of your root chakra which takes care of your money, home and tribe. Don’t you want these things in the New Year?)!

NYE Makeup Tutorials

Last but not least, every NYE outfit that is worthy of its name comes with an over-the-top makeup look. Check out these tutorials to shine bright and steal the show at your NYE party.

Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY Last Minute NYE Outfits DIY

Glitter NYE Makeup Tutorial – Glitter Silver NYE Makeup Tutorial

Ok folks, it looks like we’re almost done with 2014. How has this year been kind to you? What will 2015 be all about? How are you going to set your new year intentions through your outfit? Let us know in a  comment below and share your NYE DIY projects with us if you wish!

Happy New Year everyone, have fun and drink responsibly (more like, get drunk but don’t drive, don’t text anyone and have safe sex).


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