Last Minute Halloween Ideas

October 29, 2013

Here we are, it’s October the 29th and you still don’t know what to do for Halloween, who to be for Halloween, if you want to throw an Halloween party, and who’s gonna do your make-up since you’re completely unable to.
No problem! We got you covered!


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Last Minute Halloween Tutorial

How to make your own pentacle harness

Easy-peasy! You’ll just need a bra, a pair of scissors and a good amount of elastic band and pins. Start making wonders now! I am lucky cause I have a mannequin, but use a friend if you don’t. Just be careful ok? I don’t want your friend to hunt me for the rest of my life.
After you pinned you obviously have to sew it somehow, either by hand or using a sewing machine!

Cleavege Pentacle

For this one I used 2.40 mt of black elastic band and a black top.


Belly Pentacle

You’ll need something to pin it at the bottom, like short pants, lingerie, a skirt or something. Use a safety pin to keep it in place on the bottom, you’ll need the toilet at some point of the night!! The bra I used in this case is this Intimissimi bra from Carioca series. I love it!  I used 1.94 mt of black elastic band.


Last Minute Halloween Roundup

Plaaastic list of last minute Halloween costumes! I love Matilda’s idea! 

Naelle Devannah’s version of a cool skeleton. Check her out!

Syl and Sam stitched Frankenstein manicure

A nice list of costumes using a little black dress for a perfect last minute Halloween

10 places to find creepy Halloween images – a great list from IFB!

So what are you going to be for Halloween? I have to say I am tired of this day already! It is my favourite holiday indeed, bit I had a bit too much in the last couple of weeks! Inspiration photos, articles and so on!

I hope you have a fantastic night and please tell us what you’re going to wear on the 31st!


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So this is totally awesome!
I’m sure I shall be using this tutorial for future projects. (I can’t wait for winter break!)

Also: Hey thanks for sharing my casual skeleton costume! <3


You’re welcome <3 ! Yes, harnesses are the easiest thing to make, really! I'm gonna make toooons XD

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