DIY Spiked Black Sunglasses

September 27, 2011

Have you ever wondered what Lady Gaga wears to go to the shops when she needs something for dinner? She can’t be seen around, of course. So she wears the most ordinary thing she owns: the spiked sunglasses!

What do you need?

  • sunglasses (I used some very fake Raybans)
  • studs (spikes and flat pyramids)
  • chain (I used a broken necklace for this purpose)
  • glue (I used my faithful Artiglio, an adhesive made to glue plastic, leather, rubber, which needs to dry a bit before gluing the two parts, it’s not like Super Attack!)
  • pliers (I own a flat nose and a round nose)

In the picture you can see a wrist band and another glue: I didn’t know if I would have needed other studs or another kind of glue! It’s better to have a little stock when you are DIYing!

I used pliers for various things, first of all I “extracted” the studs from two belts; yes, you can buy them if you please, I was just trying to recycle as much as possible!

Now, on to the tutorial!

  • Take one spike, then put some glue on its back; keep it upside down until the glue dries a bit. Put it down, always upside down. Put some glue in the spot you want to use to put the spike, and wait 2 minutes. Now stick the spike on the chosen spot and press. Keep pressing for like 4-5 minutes! Do the same with the other spike to do the other side of the sunglasses.

That’s what you have:

TIP: remove the glue in excess when it’s all dried. That glue is easy to peel off once dried.

  • Now take one pyramid stud and press the flaps so they go inside the concave side of the stud. Put the stud upside down, fill it with glue. Leave it to dry for 2 minutes, in the meantime put some glue on the side of the sunglasses, where you are going to place the stud. Put the stud in place and press for 4-5 minutes. Do the same on the other side.

The second result:

Leave it to dry for 5 minutes, in this way:

  • Now open your sunglasses and put some glue on the inside and on the outside, near the junctures. Put the glue on as much space as two lines of your chain would take up. Take the chain, start from the inside: gently lay it on the glue and make it turn around, to make it in two rows. To the same on the other side.

TIP: Put some glue on the chain in the inside part, so the glueing will be stronger!

Now leave it to dry for a night, and get a nice sleep! That’s what you got, from back and front!

This tutorial can be used for a number of customization: you can glue ribbons, other kind of studs, various chains, you can use colourful sunglasses for stronger effects! Do whatever you like, it’s easy, it’s not expensive and it’s funny!!

Where would you wear them? And with what outfit? Let me know your ideas!

This post is part of the IFB Project #14, click here to read more awesome diy tutorials!


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awesome! btw I love the new blog look. 🙂


    Thaaaanks! It’s not much different from how it was, I’ve just installed Thesis so it’s a lot easier for me to customize, and I changed pink for green as main colour! ;D


HOT!!! I’m going to try this!


    They would suit you XD

Alexandria Web

Those are super cool, I may have to make a pair 😀 (mine may end up with more studs though, once I get started with them I have a habit of not being able to stop)


Haha Alexandria, that’s the cool thing, you can do whatever you want as long as it’s stuff that can be glued on!
I went for symmetrical-black-studs because that’s what I am on a everyday basis eeheh!
Now I can’t wait to see yours!!! *_*

Pretty Quirky Pants

It’s amazing what you can do with glue. I used to have this phase where I wanted to stick anything to everything, great fun. I love the spikes.



Great idea! I am obsessed with shades!

Check out my giveaway!



this is an awesome DIY !
can’t wait to try it!

Erin F.

So hot!!! I can’t wait to give these a shot. Thank you for this post, what a great idea.

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