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August 18, 2013

90s are still the rage, summer is not over yet, we still feel inebriated by the breeze of the sea, the strolls in the moonlight, warm days and frilly dresses. Talking about frilly dresses I will dig out of the past the kinderwhore style.


What is kinderwhore style?

I would say that the “modern” evolution of kinderwhore is mori kei on the “puritan” side, and creepy doll cute on the goth-ier side. I think we come to the white collar Wednesday Addams kind of dress again.

And since the queen of kinderwhore is and always will be Courtney Love, I would like to say happy birthday to Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt and Courtney’s daughter. She turns 21 today, and she totally looks like her mother. I dare say her boyfriend totally looks like a handsome version of her father, but it may be a bit distasteful.

Get the kinderwhore style


And here I am, with my precious style&shopping tips for you to get a perfect kinderwhore style! ;D  Before you splurge though, I would highly suggest you to have a look in the thrift shops around your town, in markets and in vintage stores: kinderwhore is meant to look “distressed”, so buying used piece of clothing is ideal!

To be a true 90s kinderwhore you need one item in your wardrobe: dresses. The more the color is faded, the better. The more lace, the better. The more awkward floral prints, the better! The more “naive farmer” look dresses, the more your look will be consistent!

floral-short-dress mullet-dress blue-distressed-dress
collar-dress floral-dress-long black-white-dress

Don’t forget your oxford shoes, maryjanes and old military boots. Oh, and “I slept with my makeup on” look!

Do you like kinderwhore style? Do you think there’s something creepy about trying to look like a child-like bad lot?


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I love this look1 Dolly style lace dresses are some of my favourite things to wear. Courtney Love has great style 😀 lovely blog

Violetta Stelenes

Uhmm… I have a really short plaid dress that could be suitable for this, I guess it’s time for it to make a re-appearance as soon as the weather cools down! I enjoyed the summer greatly, but clothes-wise my favorite time of the year is definitely autumn: I love the layers, pretty tights, armwarmers, boots, and being able to wear something with sleeves without feeling like I’m roasting as soon as I step out of the house… How do you feel about this 90’s revival, Elisa? I personally like some stuff (like chockers, dark lipstick, and the dress + combat boots combo), but also remember many other 90’s fads that were downright atrotious, haha! Just Google “Spice Girls” if you want to laugh a little!

Violetta Stelenes

*Erratum: Atrocious, not Atrotious, I can’t spell!


Oooh well I don’t really have an opinion about the 90s… it’s just that I was a child and my memories are blurred. But I guess the reason why I don’t dislike them is that they somehow remind me of childhood haha!


Courtney Love is who got me into alternative fashion wayyyy back in middle school. Love Kinderwhore, love morikei!

My Fashion S/ash Life

I love this look and Courney totally owned it! Drew Barrymore also dipped in the Kinderwhore waters from time to time. I dont find the look creepy at all, I think its fucking cool because when it was done at the time it looked so ‘real’. And I miss that, now singers etc are styled to death,which I guess is great for Stylists out there!

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