Jean Paul Gaultier Is Dead

September 30, 2012

And it was Doll’s Factory‘s fault! No I’m joking, that’s the story so far:

I’m too lazy to watch Paris Fashion Week shows, so I’m lurking Facebook and the other blogs in search of informations and photos. Today was one of those days: a friend of mine re-posted Doll’s Factory collage of the Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2013 Ready to Wear catwalk. Too bad it displayed all of the worst outfits of the whole show!

What disturbed me more was the David Bowie remake of the picture on the left. Now, you all should know I love the White Duke to death, and that Gaultier’s leotard didn’t look like a shrine to his person, but a rip-off of one of his most famous costumes! Mr Gaultier, hands off!

I hated it and couldn’t believe it. Well I could, remember when I made a statement about how Gaultier and Westwood fashion is a walking dead? I still believe it, but I must say that when I saw the whole show I had to change my mind. At first glance it even looked senseless to me, with styles, colours and basically everything randomly thrown in, but at the third viewing I started to see the “leitmotiv”.

Some really nice ideas and sartorial inspirations were thrown here and there between Boy George and Cindy Lauper (please note that I love the 80s, but oh man we’re sick of revivals, please!).

And all in all, Gaultier’s catwalk could be a nice lazy sunday night quiz: can you guess all the characters?

Some of my favourite ones:

Watch the full Jean Paul Gaultier Paris S/S 2013 Collection here.


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Alexandria Web

Meh I like them, to each their own.


I like them as well, I just don’t understand how long will he play with those icons and get away with it, staying in the gods of fashion’s pantheon without really coming up with something innovative like he used to do!

Lisa Lotte

It’s not his best work, but it’s a decent collection. I like the blue outfit, that looks like fun. Oh, and btw: “leitmotiv” is an international word? Good to know!


Yeah they look like fun but it’s a bit of a disappointment for me! Anyway, maybe I just felt like being controversial about something haha!
Yes we use leitmotiv in Italy, and they use it here in the Uk, too! So I guess it is an international word XD Like “zeitgeist” 😀 (I love German language by the way <3 <3 )

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