How to Turn Your Life Around with Chakra Healing

This is no bullshit. Sorry for the foul language, but I felt I had to make things clear from the beginning. This is my experience, and this is how I have turned my life around healing my chakras and how a guided chakra meditation started me on my path to happiness and healing.

Before I tell you about my story, let me tell you a couple of things about chakras. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that are positioned in specific parts of your body. The most common theory is the Hindu: the main chakras are seven and they start from your tailbone and go up to the top of your head, through your spine. As we’ll see in the next paragraphs, many think that in the last decades other five chakras have become accessible to humans and they go up from the top of your head upwards.
Pranic healers say that chakras are twelve, and they’re all in the body (not above and beyond). Mostly, the chakras you hear people talk about are the same of the Hindu tradition, so if you start with those main seven chakras you’ll be fine. These energy “wheels” can be bigger or smaller, charged with clean energy or with negative energy.

How to Turn your Life Around with Chakra Healing

Chakras are affected by your emotions, and they affect your emotions. Chakras can be made bigger, they can be healed and they can be energized through various techniques. There is nothing woo woo about chakras; energy is what we’re made of, and chakras are like mini tornados where the energy gathers and spins.

“Chakras are energy centers in our body; it’s as simple as that. There are a huge number of chakras in our body, but we usually work with the main seven chakras. These points are the centers where our body exchanges energy with the outside world, and they also are responsible for the energetic balance in our body and mind. The seven chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown.
Think of the seven chakras (energy centers) as pillars, while your body is a building. If one or more pillars aren’t solid enough, your building will be unstable and eventually collapse.” (How We Are Energetically Designed)

All of your physical and psychological issues are connected to one or more chakra dysfunction. For example, problems with your legs, your large intestine, your spine and your structure in general, are because of an unbalanced base chakra. A weak base chakra also causes you to feel out of place, to feel like you haven’t found your home, to live from paycheck to paycheck. Money issues, tribe issues, weight issues? You need to work on your base chakra.
Your sacral chakra (the second chakra for the Indian tradition) is functional to your creativity, your sexuality, and the fun part of your life. Your third chakra (solar plexus) is all about your personal power.

Working with your chakras opens you up to learning a lot about yourself, charges you with a previously unknown amount of energy and will change your life forever. I remember going through maybe the worst period of my life when I first started to be interested in modern spirituality. My first approach was with (of course) The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but I wasn’t quite convinced by the whole thing. I knew there must be more about life than just wanting something and focus to make it happen. I wanted to go deeper, to know myself and to heal myself. I wasn’t happy, but it wasn’t because I didn’t have stuff. I was in a messy place, energetically and psychologically.

How to Turn your Life Around with Chakra Healing

To make a long story short, I was jobless, my boyfriend of the time was under house arrest and I had just left my new life in London behind to go back to my hometown. It was one year and a half ago. One day I was lurking the internet when I came across a post that talked about this lady, Belinda Davidson. The post was about a “White Light Retreat” where the blogger talked about this Belinda chick sending you this healing energy and balancing your chakras in a three-day retreat. All from the comfort of your home. It sounded so crazy to my former materialistic self! I couldn’t believe something like this existed and I didn’t believe it could actually work. I started searching more about Belinda and I found a lot of people who benefited from her work with the White Light.

As fate had it, the enrolment for Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic was open during that very month. I constantly visited her blog trying to understand if she was trustworthy or not; I got her guided chakra meditation and I started doing it daily. I read every article about her I could find. One day, it all happened: I landed a job that made me over $2000 a month. I signed up to a yoga class I still go to today (which also changed my life). I broke up with my boyfriend. As soon as I hung up the phone I enrolled in School of the Modern Mystic on the last hours before enrolment closed.
Something had clearly shifted within a few weeks and it started a process that is still going on today.

I worked on healing my chakras every day for over six months during Belinda’s course, and then all kind of techniques, books, spiritual masters and friends started to pour into my life. If it wasn’t for Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I am happy, I am healed, I am balanced. I’m in a loving and relaxed relationship, I am getting to know much more than I thought existed in this world and my life is filled with love. I couldn’t ask for more.

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How to Turn your Life Around with Chakra Healing

Healing Chakras

What did I do to heal my chakras, heal myself and turn my life around? Belinda’s course helped me a lot, holding my hand through all of the issues that came to the surface during the time of the course (six months). This is what I did to heal my chakras:

  • I did Belinda’s Guided Chakra Meditation every day, sometimes even twice a day.
  • I focused on each chakra for two weeks at a time and did all the “homework” in the course. Homework involved various activities that helped in growing your chakra energy, charging it and balancing it.
  • I worked with the chakra essences. These are personifications of each chakra that help you on your journey to healing yourself and your chakras.
  • I participated to Monday’s White Light Healing sessions every week.
  • I was very active in the private Facebook group. This was crucial because a tutor will always be there to help you with any obstacle you may find along the way and with any help you might need. The community is extremely supportive and powerful. I’m still in the Facebook group and I still love interacting with the other modern mystics!

That’s all. I did this for 6 months and my life turned around. I totally give credit to the School of the Modern Mystic. If I hadn’t gone through the course, I wouldn’t know all the things I know today. I wouldn’t have read Eckhart Tolle’s books. Hell, I wouldn’t even know who Eckhart Tolle is! I wouldn’t know that healing energy exists and that it permeates everything within and without us. I wouldn’t know how to feel and work with energy (I’ve recently started working with pranic healing and other energetic healing techniques: all the work I did with the White Light helped me A TON!).
The best part is that once you went through Level 1 you can either decide to go to Level 2 (and work with your higher chakras), repeat Level 1 for a very low fee, or go separate ways.

How to Turn your Life Around with Chakra Healing

“I think this woo woo stuff is bullshit. Why should it work?”

If you’re more of an analytical type I suggest you take this course. I’m serious. You will feel blocks shifting inside you, and the only way to know if this “woo woo” stuff is bullshit or not is by trying it. You’re a science kind of person right? So you should test it before you reject it. And by the way, if you got to this point I think there’s a voice inside of you that is telling you this is not bullshit 🙂

“I’ve never heard about these chakras and I think it’s a scam”

Ok, if you have never heard about chakras you might be a bit confused about all this stuff. Chakras exist. Do you know yoga? Yogi say that yoga is not a sport, nor a religion or a spiritual practice: it is a science. It’s a science because if you keep practicing it, you’ll get the results. It’s tested. Well, yoga works on strengthening and balancing the seven chakras, so “these chakras” can’t be a scam, can they?

“It can’t be that easy. You’re tricking me into buying yet another course that won’t serve me.”

I didn’t say it will be easy. It will be very hard at times. A lot of horrible stuff will come to the surface, and you’ll have to deal with it. You will face a lot of resistance. You will avoid doing the meditation. You will suffer a lot when you will remember things and feelings you thought were cleared from your conscience. It’s a long process of cleansing and cleansing goes through presenting you with all the things you need to cleanse. It won’t be easy but I promise that it will be worth it.

“But how do I know Belinda is the real thing?”

What do you feel deep inside? Do you like this red-headed woman? Do you like the way she talks, the way she writes? If she resonates with you, she’s the real thing. Whatever resonates with you is what will help you moving forward. If you want my opinion, yes, she is the real thing. She has worked as a medical intuitive for a long time and she’s always been a psychic. You can sign up for the free Monday White Light Healing sessions to start feeling the energy she channels for you: those are powerful moments, and Monday evenings are just a taste of what happens on White Light Retreats (the three days White Light healing retreats. You get two for free along with the School of the Modern Mystic course. We even got a free third one after we were done with last year Level 1, because Belinda is nice like that!).

Disclaimer: please note that the links to the School of the Modern Mystic course are affiliate links. Please consider purchasing through those links: the course was pivotal to my personal growth, my happiness, and my healing so I’m glad to suggest it to as many people I can. I’ve even bought the course for my sister! 

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