How I Organized my Clothes Without a Closet

January 21, 2011

We really have our wardrobe at heart, and like to spend so much time looking at it, deciding that it needs more stuff, thinking about how to make it better. I do, you do. In this post I want to collect some comments you made here, and share with you the way I organized my very weird closet!

Laura Connell from “For Those About to Shop” commented:
I did a closet edit with a stylist friend two years ago that entailed me getting rid of anything that didn’t work and altering those that didn’t fit. I colour code my things from light to dark. I keep costs down by buying vintage and used and I buy outfits rather than solo pieces that may not go with anything in my wardrobe. I have many standard pieces that can be mixed and matched and brightened up with accessories. I only buy things that I truly LOVE. My biggest concern is fit. Usually if something fits me, I will buy it but that is quite rare because so few things fit me the way I want (off the rack is like that). I believe it’s wise to know your personal style and stick with it. Style schizophrenia can be expensive ie. boho one day and classic elegance the next is too incompatible. I tend toward structured classic pieces and dress them up with shoes or accessories.
[…] My favourite part of my little house is the walk-in closet. I am so grateful for all that luxurious space.
Since I own everything in black colour, and something grey and white, it’s really hard for me to class things per colour. So what have I done? I “styled” my closet. It means that I classed and lotted things depending on their style.
This is my rough organization:
Ph by Fashion Society

Part of my wardrobe is made of FIVE DRAWERS.

  • I picked up a drawer and devoted it to CLUBWEAR. I threw inside all those things I don’t wear everyday, and I don’t ever wear in daylight, too! Corsets, fishnet tops, paillettes, rubber tights and vinyl bras. (Yes, I do own such things; I don’t only claim to be bizarre! I was a decent “club kid” in my recent past.)
  • The 2nd drawer is full of pijamas, towels, over-size old sweaters, and other stay-at-home stuff. I don’t want these things to be in my way when I have to build an outfit, so I secluded all in its own place!
  • Third one: lingerie! Ok, this isn’t a stroke of genius, everyone has a lingerie drawer! I made a further splitting up inside: I used one of those fabric compartment thing to store socks (usually), and I divided G-strings from panties, synthetics from cotton’s, black from colours. Of course, I also separated thigh-highs from thights, socks from knee-high socks. All fishnets are together in one compartment, all wool’s in another. I even have a specific place for lingerie ensemble.
  • The remaining two drawers: all things that don’t fit in the other places live here. T-shirts, leggings, sweaters, and other pleasant stuff.
  • EDIT MARCH 5, 2011: I now have a drawer entirely devoted to t-shirts. That’s why my t-shirts collection has dramatically grown since I’ve started working in a place constantly floodlit, and you know what that means? It’s always summer in the studios!

Then I have a ONE DOOR CLOSET, it’s so tiny I can barely hang my dresses and skirts, which of course flood over the clothes rack and the book shelves I turned into a wardrobe.

Ph by Alice Hutchinson

The CLOTHES RACK was a latest purchase (actually, a present from Burcin, that was moving in another town). I hang there everything that is worn but don’t need to be washed yet, and stuff I wear more often. This would be a useful and organized way to use it, if I wasn’t a complete mess, of course. I end up hanging there everything I don’t feel like folding, and then forget it, until the moment it looks like a mountain with four wheels.

The HANGER BEHIND THE DOOR has a smiliar function to the rack. I hang there very random things: among them my most used bras, and sometimes scarves.

Now, my piece of resistance my dears: the book shelves I turned into a wardrobe! I had to do this for the lack of space in this room. I took off all the books and various clutter that was on the shelves, and organized it for clothes. I used a fabric drawer to store swimsuits and such (something similar to what I used for my lingerie drawer) and then I divided the rest in piles. Skirt pile, sweaters pile, leggings pile.

The quote below made me laugh a lot, and made me think about  how common is the problem of storing clothes when it comes to be keen on fashion and style! I don’t know if having squirrels in my walk-in closet would delight me or piss me off! Haha!

Rachel Dahl from “A la modest” said:
I have a closet that can literally fit a small kid in it and one dresser where I keep my underwear, socks, and nighties. So, to keep me from storing my clothes in boxes (because I left them there after moving in to this new house almost two years ago), I made our “attic”, which is really just an unfinished second floor, into my “walk-in” closet. It works out for me except that our second floor lacks adequate heating and lighting and squirrels like to live up there. After almost two years of living in this house, I am still in the process of transforming the upstairs into my dream walk-in closet, and it has been going turtely slow…
Ph by Ro Buk

Are you wondering where I keep my shoes?
Well, I stored the ones I use less in the veranda, and the rest are all well displayed on two of this built up together.
And no, I’m not gonna put up any picture of this awkward thing my wardrobe is. It’s temporary and very precarious, since I’m just “passing through” this house! I’m really jalous of big houses, with nice rooms, lots of storage space, bright colours and cool home decor! I wish I had a place to call home now… but let’s cheer up!
Have you ever lived in a situation that required such creativity to live in? How did you manage to organize in a tiny space?
I need to know that I’m not the only one who’s living is a little mess!


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Vivian l'idea di questo post è veramente fantastica! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Un bacio!

Laura Connell

Thanks for including me here! What an honour. I love the hanger behind the door, too. It's where I keep my bags.


Thank you Laura for always writing such interesting comments! 😀 And behind-the-door-hangers are the greates invention of human kind haha! They're useful, and you can easily hide them by keeping the door open when you have guests!

Grazie anche a te Federica! Sei gentilissima! In effetti ci sono entrata un po' in fissa con questo argomento, ma mi diverte troppo! E ultimamente sono maniaca dell'organizzazione (teorica a giudicare dalla mia stanza hah)


I like the idea of turning a bookshelf into a wardrobe. And the rack for clothes that are worn but don't need washing is genius – I never know what to do with those clothes and they end up in piles all over the house. I have done a big second hand clothes haul and have to, have to organise my clothes now! Thanks for the fun and motivating post. 🙂

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