How to Have an Edgy and Cruelty-Free Look

I love the edgy look. If I could choose just one style for the rest of my life, it would be the edgy look. Ok, that was a bit extreme but you get the idea. I’ve always loved differing from the norm, even if it was just with a piece of accessory or a bold hairstyle. In fact, even when I try to look “normal”, it turns out I can’t. People can smell the edginess in me. I can’t pull a normal look for the life of me, edgy will still come to the surface one way or another. And I love it!

My issues started when I took the cruelty-free pledge. Many (and I mean, MANY) edgy accessories and garments are made of leather. If they aren’t made of leather, they have small leather inserts (hello All Saints, it was brief but nice!). And I don’t even want to mention shoes! Boots are usually made of leather, even if there are some exceptions like the vegan Dr. Martens.
A cool edgy style that has been particularly trendy over the last couple of years and that I love is the grunge style. And guess what? Grunge is full of oversized sweaters. And sweaters are made of wool. And then the boots. And the wrist bands. And the bags. Oh come on, there are animal derived materials everywhere! But panic not my friends, because I’ve come to the rescue. I’ve spent so much time looking for edgy and compassionate brands and I’ve finally found the holy grail. Or the holy grails, because I’ve had to look all over the internet to find pieces here and there. And I’m sharing them with you today!

Come to the Dark Side, We Have Compassion

Ok, let’s start from the bottom. Here’s a bunch of vegan shoes you’ll absolutely need for your edgy look. But the best part of course is that they’re cruelty-free! Yay!

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Boots Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Boots Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Boots

Vegan 8-Eye Dr. Martens Boots – Ecological Microfiber Nae Mira Boots – Nicora Johns Sinclair Boot

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Platform Boots Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Sandals Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Sandals

Master&Muse x Arden Wohl and Cri de Coeur Platform BootsArtemis Melissa Shoes SandalsFree People Vegan Gladiator Sandals

Now that you have your feet covered (quite literally) let’s think about your legs. It shouldn’t be hard finding denim shorts that don’t involve cruelty, but you can do better. You can choose denim that is sustainable to the planet. Who said that cruelty is only towards animals? We’re cruel towards our planet every day. And that’s not even smart.

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Organic Jeans Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Organic Jeans Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Leggings

Kuyichi Denim CaprisRecycled and Organic Cotton Haikure Boyfriend Jeans –  Splattered Organic Foldover Leggings

What about tops? Of course, you can find plenty of cruelty-free t-shirts, tank tops and so on. You don’t need my advice on this. What you might need some suggestions on are probably vegan leather jackets. The world really needs some quality fake leather moto jackets! Fast fashion shops are chock full of fake leather jackets, but they’re no good: not for you (warm and sticky) not for the planet (highly polluting and non-recyclable).

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Jacket Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Jackets  Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Cork Vegan Leather Jacket

Vegan Leather Free People JacketRiley Herringbone Moto JacketBleed Clothing Cork “Leather” Jacket

It’s a pinnable! Mouse over the image and click on the red button to pin the image.

Are you an edgy vegan? We've got you covered! Check out our suggestion for a perfectly cruelty-free edgy look!


And now, the moment you were all waiting for… bags! I know that the hardest thing when rocking a cruelty-free look is finding cool and quality handbags. Or backpacks, which is even worse. Over the last few years, many brands have hopped on the cruelty-free wagon and started creating vegan leather accessories. Many brands that only manufacture vegan accessories were born, and I’m so thankful they exist. Crappy H&M fake leather bags, get out of my sight! Because let’s face it, fake leather must be high quality or you might as well buy a real leather bag! We root for non-leather bags because leather production is highly polluting, it has a super high carbon footprint, almost all tanneries are in developing countries where workers handle toxic substances daily and livestock farming is very cruel. But if you go and buy the first crappy plastic bag there’s no point, am I right?

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Bag Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Backpack Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Bag

Matt&Nat Crossbody With ChainsGunas BackpackGunas Emily Clutch

Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather BagCruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Bag Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Backpack Cruelty-Free Edgy Look: Vegan Leather Bag

Deux Lux London Weekender –  Essential Backpack in Black – Free People Vegan Barbary Bag

Have I convinced you yet? You can totally choose any style you want and still veganize it. In fact, I’ve even managed to create a cruelty-free Lagertha look (if you watch Vikings you’d know that literally everything they wear is either wool or leather!). It can be done. Trust me!

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