How to Build an Outfit

November 4, 2013

…or the moment when I realized I had to bring work home. What do I mean? I basically build outfits as a job (well, besides ironing, washing, stitching and dealing with people like I was their therapist) and I have a technique to do so. And it works! So why on Earth had I never thought of using this technique for my own outfits? The hell I know.


Before Planning an Outfit

Ask yourself some vital questions. Where do you have to go in that outfit? How comfortable do you need to be? How long do you have to be in that outfit? Are you going to stand up, sit down, turn around or lay down? These are very important questions I always ask and keep in mind when dressing someone for a play, a tv show, a photoshoot or a scene.

How to Build an Outfit

I mean, literally build it. Like architecture, fashion is a matter of volumes and balance. There are some unwritten rules that help you decide what to wear, there’s no need to spend 3 hours trying every possible match on!

-If you wearing skinny jeans, leggings or tight trousers, wear a loose top and vice versa. If you follow this rule you can’t go wrong: that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear everything tight or everything loose, but in that case it’s easier to go wrong.

-Color matching. I sometimes go berserk about this one. I start matching everything, shoes with bag, belt with earrings, necklace with socks! Don’t follow my example (just in this case, alright?) matching two things is enough. It helps with balancing your outfit a lot tho!

-Belts. Oh how they can fix anything! They can easily dress something up or down, they can hide that little roll, they can give a twist to a plain shirt, they can make a nice color matching item! I own a lot of belts. In this case, follow my example.


Take your Time

Always plan your outfits in advance. In the wardrobe department you get all your costumes ready for the day after. Every costume is labeled with a note stating everything that needs to be included in the outfit. We like to call it the infallible method! You don’t have to be so meticulous, but getting things ready ahead it’s aways a good idea! Prepare your outfit in the evening and not in the morning! It’s win-win: you go to sleep with a peae of mind, you get to sleep 20 minutes more, you are sure to be a picture-perfect version of yourself everyday. And boy, does it feel good.

Keep Things Clean

Yes, literally! I keep a laundry bag next to my door, so I can throw thing in as soon as I take them off if they’re dirty. Are you familiar with the scenario of wanting to wear your favourite t shirt so bad and realizing it’s been buried in clothes for the last month? Keep things clean and be organized for your own sake! If I forget to wash something on a set, I’ll make a very poor impression with whoever has to wear that smelly thing. And if I wash them at the wrong time it’s a disaster because it could be still wet when needed! Plan guys, plan! Listen to these wise words!


Break Every Rule

This is my last suggestion. I gave you some rules, but you should totally break them if you feel like it! At the end of the day, most of things we know today were discovered by accident! Experiment, have fun, but always do it in your free time, not at 6 a.m. when you’re already late for work!

Do you follow these simple rules or are you a hot mess? Tell us in the comments below, you never know you have the ultimate method to put outfits together with no effort!


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I’ve always found I like how i look more when it’s completely unplanned, but it’s always good to follow these kinds of rules for everyday/work especially when you don’t have much time to get ready! ♥


Yes, I agree! When it’s a good day, jus throwing things on kinda work! Of course when it happens, it’s always a supermarket kind of day. It never happens when you actually need it hahahaha XD But hey, life is like this, one might as well just accept it.

Mia (Protesque)

I agree with you: “Break every rule”. That’s the most important thing… not only when it’s a fashion issue. 🙂


great tips ! thank you

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